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    • Psycho-Legal Considerations of Placing Children in Foster Care. 

      Pollack, Daniel (American Public Human Services Association [APHSA], 2014-10)
    • Qualifications, selection process, tasks of state children’s advocates vary. 

      Pollack, Daniel; Bialeck, Michelle (GA: Kennesaw State University, 2020-09-21)
      ...researchers have a timely opportunity to delve more deeply into how advocates are chosen, the exact parameters and roles of this position and the best assessment tools to be used. It is essential for social scientists ...
    • Reckless endangerment of a child vs.child abuse and neglect. 

      Pollack, Daniel; Krase, Kathryn (ALM (formerly American Lawyer Media), 2020-10-27)
      Unlike child abuse, reckless endangerment does not involve the direct infliction of injury or harm.
    • Red Flag the Red-flag Case Notes or Face Disaster. 

      Pollack, Daniel (American Youth Work Center, 2015-08-27)
      Child welfare systems — federal, state, county or city — contain vast repositories of information. Each time a case is opened, worked on or closed, valuable information about children’s needs is recorded — much of it in ...
    • The Regulation of Intercountry Adoption. 

      Pollack, Daniel; Hansen, Mary Eschelbach (University of Louisville, 2006)
      As of January 2006, the United States was the only major receiver of children through intercountry adoption that had not implemented the 1993 Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption (Hague Convention). The United States ...
    • Reporting Child Maltreatment by Nonprofessionals: Obligatory or Discretionary? 

      Pollack, Daniel (American Public Human Services Association-APHSA, 2017-12)
      A newer program, founded in 2009, Strategies for Youth (SFY) is a national organization that "exists solely for the purpose of improving police-youth interactions, advancing the cause of training public safety officers in ...
    • Reports of Child Abuse Seem To Be Falling: How Can We Know What's Really Happening? 

      Pollack, Daniel; Krase, Kathryn (Harrisburg, PA : White Hat Communications, c1994-, 2020-09-06)
      Since the COVID-19 crisis began, many have been wondering what impact this crisis will have on children and families. More specifically, many experts in and around the field of child welfare wonder if child maltreatment ...
    • Research is needed to evaluate the use of restraints on children in out-of-home care settings. 

      Pollack, Daniel (APHSA: American Public Human Services Association, 2020-02)
      As a last resort, there are times when properly secluding or restraining children in an out-ofhome care setting can reduce their risk of injury. Contrarily, improperly secluding or restraining a child can lead to ...
    • Respite Care for Foster Parents Should Not Mean Inferior Care for Foster Children. 

      Pollack, Daniel (American Public Human Services Association-APHSA, 2012-12)
      Caring for a foster child, especially in a therapeutic setting, is a fulltime undertaking. Because it can have severe emotional repercussions on the family, respite care by another trained foster parent or other professional ...
    • Rethink the Label Insular Communities When Referring to Child Abuse. 

      Pollack, Daniel (The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC), 2017-07-24)
    • Rethinking educational neglect 

      Pollack, Daniel; Krase, Kathryn (ALM (formerly American Lawyer Media), 2020-05-13)
      The means used to provide education to most children from preschool through high school has been transformed, practically overnight. The children are vital players in the unanticipated and speedy transition to mandatory ...
    • Reunification therapy: The legal angles. 

      Pollack, Daniel; Reiter, Elisa (ALM (formerly American Lawyer Media), 2020)
      The purpose of this article is not to take sides. Rather, it is to investigate what may lead to the need for reunification therapy.
    • Revisiting the Presumption of Jointly Placing Siblings in Foster Care. 

      Rothschild, Karen; Pollack, Daniel (Seattle University School of Law., 2013)
      Until fairly recently, it was assumed that when parents divorced and custody was being assigned, it was in the child’s best interest to be placed with the mother.1 It took time and some tragic and avoidable situations ...
    • The Role of a Guardian Ad Litem in a Termination of Parental Rights Proceeding. 

      Pollack, Daniel (American Public Human Services Association-APHSA, 2018-04)
      A guardian ad litem (GAL) may be appointed for many different reasons: disputes regarding child custody, visitation, support, emancipation, or alleged incapacity of a person. Ann. 14-2-312, in relevant part: "After the ...
    • The Role of Claims Adjuster and Defense Counsel in Human Service Litigation. 

      Pollack, Daniel; Getto, Cameron R. (American Public Human Services Association-APHSA, 2016-02)
      Because these organizations tend to have unique and diverse coverage needs, insurance for human service corporations is considered a specialty area. The traditional tripartite relationship between the insurance company, ...
    • The role of law enforcement in child welfare checks. 

      Pollack, Daniel; Sanchez, Carly (Los Angeles County Bar Association., 2020-01)
      Police welfare checks of residences without a warrant generally are permissible if police officers have reasonable grounds to believe an inhabitant inside a residence is in imminent danger.
    • Rural child social workers offer pandemic perspective. 

      Pollack, Daniel; Radcliffe, Susan (National Rural Health Association (NRHA), 2020-07-23)
      The allure of being a child social worker in a rural area is strong. Social workers who decide to work in smaller communities may forgo an abundance of resources to support families, but they gain slower-paced, socially ...
    • Safeguarding Minors From Being Inadvertently “Outed” By Human Service Agencies. 

      Unknown author (American Public Human Services Association-APHSA, 2015-10)
      According to a study by Durso and Gates...381 responding human service agencies reported that 40% o f the homeless youth they served identified as LGBT. [...]it is a profound demonstration of trust and maturity for minors ...
    • Self-Sabotage in Foster Care Placements. 

      Pollack, Daniel (American Public Human Services Association [APHSA], 2015-04)
    • Setting appropriate competency benchmarks to support successful social work program assessment, 

      Krase, Kathryn; Sullivan, Dana J.; Hamilton, Tobi DeLong; Harris-Jackson, Tameca; Christenson, Brian; Danhoff, Kristin; Gerritsen-McKane, Ruth (London, UK: Taylor & Francis, 2020-11-16)
      Mastering competence is a ‘cornerstone’ in the preparation of social work students for professional practice in the field. But who determines how competency is defined? And, ultimately, who gets to determine when a student ...