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dc.contributor.authorLoshinsky, Michelle
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dc.description.abstractThe Land of Israel is blessed with seven agricultural foods in abundance, known as the seven species. In this paper, two of the seven species, devash (honey) and rimon (pomegranate), are discussed. Biblical verses and stories regarding these species are recounted, as well as Talmudic references (Talmudic statements with medical inferences are especially emphasized). Current medical research regarding honey classifies it as an anticancer, antiinflammatory agent. Research on pomegranates discuss its role against cancer as well, in addition to its suggested use in treatment of cardiac-related disorders. Parallels between Talmudic statements and current scientific evidence are noted when applicable. This paper will outline how both pomegranates and honey have a surplus of health benefits, along with cultural and religious significance that come along with them being part of the seven species.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipS. Daniel Abraham Honors Programen_US
dc.publisherStern College for Womenen_US
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States*
dc.subjectHoney --Therapeutic use.en_US
dc.subjectHoney --Health aspects.en_US
dc.subjectPomegranate --Health aspects.en_US
dc.subjectPomegranate --Therapeutic use.en_US
dc.subjectHoney in literature.en_US
dc.subjectPomegranate seeds in literature.en_US
dc.subjectDates (Fruit)en_US
dc.subjectDates (Fruit) --In literature.en_US
dc.subjectFunctional foods.en_US
dc.subjectFruit in the Bible.en_US
dc.subjectFruit in literature.en_US
dc.subjectJews --Medicine.en_US
dc.titlePomegranates and Honey: A Medicinal Approach to Two of the Seven Speciesen_US

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States
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