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  • PHI1100H: Logic 

    Johnson, David A. (2020-09)
    The goal of the course is to achieve mastery of: the first-order predicate calculus with identity.
  • PHI1320: Theories of the Mind 

    Johnson, David A. (2017-01)
  • PHI1011: Intro to Philosophy I 

    Johnson, David A. (2014-09)
    People study philosophy because they want to know the answers to certain important questions such as those mentioned below. Philosophy usually fails in its attempts to answer them, but people keep returning to it because ...
  • HIS2909: Media revolutions: From scroll to screen 

    Freedman, Jeffrey (2020-09)
    ►This course will survey the history of media from the ancient world to the present. Taking ‘media’ in the broadest sense to encompass the full range of communications technologies, we will begin with the papyri scrolls ...
  • HIS2220: History of the American Presidency 

    Burgess, Douglas R. (2021-09)
    This introductory course examines the development and evolution of the American Presidency. Beginning as an experiment in enlightened government, the office of the executive gradually expanded to meet new and greater ...

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