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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-12-14Wait for it: Parshat VayeshevBrown, Erica
2018-05Walking a Mile in Their Shoes: Thinking about Policy like a North Korean.Lindenberg, Eitan Y.
2018-11-27Wanted: Judges Who Can Change the Way Police Treat Youth.Pollack, Daniel; Thurau, Lisa H.; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2007War and peace in the Jewish tradition.Wolowelsky, Joel B.; Schiffman, Lawrence
2022-03-09War by Other Means: The Legal, Cyber and Economic Fronts in the War in Ukraine0000-0002-0338-2249; Botman, Selma; Perelis, Ronnie; Kahn, James; Tehila, Sivan; Pearlstein, Deborah N.
2015-04Was Dinah Raped?Sigal, Malka
2020-04-02Was Exodus a trick?Halpern, Stuart
1999Was there nothing worth fighting for? A Yorn Kippur sermonSchacter, Jacob J.; Greenberg, Sidney
2021We also need to care for ourselvesSchacter, Jacob J.
2020-05-14"We Were All Born in Jerusalem": A Never-Before Translated Speech by Menachem BeginRogachevsky, Neil; Begin, Menchem
1964Weak and electromagnetic interactions in quaternion quantum mechanicsBergmann, Peter G.; Finkelstein, David; Komar, Arthur; Landovitz, Leon; Behrends, Ralph; Tavel, Morton Allen
1991Wechsler subscales and social adjustment in childhood and adolescenceLipsitz, Joshua
1970Weighted l('2) approximation of entire functions and related topicsNewman, Donald J.; Berger, Charles A.; Flatto, Leopold; Wohlgelernter, Devora Kasachkoff
2000Welfare reform and the media: A content analysis of two newspapersLens, Vicki Arden
2020-03-23Well-behaved orthodox journalists seldom make history.Rahav-Meir, Sivan; Chizhik-Goldschmidt, Avital
2022-09Were the Federal Courts Biased Against Trump? An Analysis of the Trump Administration’s Failure through the CourtsZaitseva, Maria; Chill, Jonah
2021-06-01“What am I missing?” Social information processing in remote learningHirsch, Miriam; 0000-0003-0550-6118
2019-10What are social work students being taught about palliative care?Stein, Gary L.; Berkman, Cathy; Pollak, Bonnie
2018-02-01What Are Some of the Major Challenges in Teaching/Designing Genetics Courses Today?Steinhauer, Josefa; Hawley, Scott; Morris, Jason; Pokryska, Nancy; Smith, Michelle; Stevens, Traci; 0000-0002-0960-5271