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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02The 2020 Census: Concerns About Undercounting and the Effects on Human Services.Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2019-10Addressing a Perceived Conflict of Interest in Out-of-Home Care Licensing.Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2012-04Advantages of Proactively Sharing Information with Foster Parents.Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2019-02Attorney Perspectives of Child Protective Services “Legal Kidnapping”.Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2019-07-19Broken Trust: Getting Justice for a Sexually Groomed and Sexually Abused Young Athlete.Pollack, Daniel; Leger, Andrew J., Jr.; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2013-10Calculating Damages in Negligence Lawsuits Against Departments of Human Services.Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2020-07-10A call for new legal standards of educational neglect, especially regarding special needs.Pollack, Daniel; Krase, Kathryn; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2020-09-30Changing a Very Young Child's Gender Identity: What's the Rush?Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2020-09-04Child Custody: What If There Are Allegations of Domestic Violence?Pollack, Daniel; Kleinman, Toby; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2010-12Child Elopement From Foster Care and Residential Settings.Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2018-12Children, Sports, and Sexual Predators: Ten Commandments for Parents to Follow.Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2018-04Codifying the Use of Dolls and Diagrams as Testifying Aids for Children in Abuse Cases.Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2013-12Coercion and Child Protective Services Investigations.Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2018-06Collaborative law and public human services agencies.Peskin-Shepherd, Alisa; Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2013-06Contacting Former Spouses as Part of the Adoption and Foster Home Study Process.Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2019The Credibility of Child Protective Services Rests on the Integrity of the Department Director.Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2020-04-15Dealing With Pro Se Adversaries in Family Law Matters.Kleinman, Toby; Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2020-08-03Defining chronic substance in the context of terminating parental rights.Pollack, Daniel; Sands, Julia; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2020-11Domestic violence and mental health issues in court.Pollack, Daniel; Kleinman, Toby; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2020-10-29Domestic Violence in New Jersey During the Pandemic: What Happened and How Can We Do Better?Pollack, Daniel; Weinberger, Bari Z.; 0000-0001-7323-6928