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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982Affricated Ṣade in the semitic languages.Steiner, Richard C
1997The Aramaic Text in Demotic Script.Steiner, Richard C
2017The Aramaic Text in Demotic Script: Text, Translation, and NotesSteiner, Richard C; Nims, Charles F.
1991-04The Aramaic Text in Demotic Script: The Liturgy of a New Year's Festival Imported from Bethel to Syene by Exiles from Rash.Steiner, Richard C
1985-01Ashurbanipal and Shamash-shum-ukin: A Tale of Two Brothers from the Aramaic Text in Demotic Script.Steiner, Richard C; Nims, Charles F.
1977The Case for Fricative-Laterals in Proto-Semitic.Steiner, Richard C
2000Does the Biblical Hebrew Conjunction -ו Have Many Meanings, One Meaning, or No Meaning at All?Steiner, Richard C
2013Four Inner-Biblical Interpretations of Genesis 49:10: On the Lexical and Syntactic Ambiguities of עַד as Reflected in the Prophecies of Nathan, Ahijah, Ezekiel, and Zechariah.Steiner, Richard C
1979From Proto-Hebrew to Mishnaic Hebrew: the history of "-akh" and "-ah".Steiner, Richard C
1999Incomplete Circumcision in Egypt and Edom: Jeremiah (9:24-25) in the Light of Josephus and Jonckheere.Steiner, Richard C
2003A Jewish theory of biblical redaction from Byzantium: Its rabbinic roots, its diffusion and its encounter with the Muslim doctrine of falsification.Steiner, Richard C
2013Kol Nidre: Past, present and future.Steiner, Richard C.
2017Lord Amherst's Demotic Papyri and Lady Amherst's Mummy.Steiner, Richard C
1987-01Lulav versus *lu/law: A Note on the Conditioning of *aw > ū in Hebrew and Aramaic.Steiner, Richard C
2001The mbqr at Qumran, the episkopos in the Athenian Empire, and the Meaning of lbqrʾ in Ezra 7:14: On the Relation of Ezra's Mission to the Persian Legal Project.Steiner, Richard C
2007-01Muqdam u-Meʿuḥar and Muqaddam wa-Muʿaḫḫar: On the History of Some Hebrew and Arabic Terms for Hysteron Proteron and Anastrophe.Steiner, Richard C
1989-11New Light on the Biblical ‘Millo’ from Hatran Inscriptions.Steiner, Richard C
2005On the Dating of Hebrew Sound Changes (☼Ḫ > Ḥ and ☼Ġ > ˓) and Greek Translations (2 Esdras and Judith).Steiner, Richard C
1974-03-25On the origin of the Heder-Hadar alternation in Hebrew.Steiner, Richard C
2008On the original structure and meaning of Mah Nishtannah and the history of its reinterpretation.Steiner, Richard C