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    • Children’s use of categories and mental states to predict social behavior. 

      Chalik, Lisa; Rivera, Cyrielle; Rhodes, Marjorie (American Psychological Association, 2014-10)
      Integrating generic information about categories with knowledge of specific individuals is a critical component of successful inductive inferences. The present study tested whether children’s approach to this task ...
    • The cognitive processes underlying moral judgment across development. 

      Chalik, Lisa; Rhodes, Marjorie; Van Bavel, Jay J. (Cognitive Science Society (CSS), 2018)
      Some moral philosophers have suggested that a basic prohibition against intentional harm ought to be at the core of moral belief systems across human societies. Yet, experimental work suggests ...
    • The communication of naïve theories of the social world in parent–child conversation. 

      Chalik, Lisa; Rhodes, Marjorie (Taylor & Francis, 2015-07-13)
      Three studies examined the communication of naïve theories of social groups in conversations between parents and their 4-year-old children (N=48). Parent-child dyads read and discussed a storybook in which they either ...
    • Preschoolers use social allegiances to predict behavior. 

      Chalik, Lisa; Rhodes, Marjorie (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2014)
    • PSYC 1110-M Cognitive And Social Development Of The Child 

      Chalik, Lisa (2021-01)
      This course will focus on the basic cognitive and social capacities that humans develop during childhood. We will consider how early experiences affect later cognitive and social development, and explore how to use ...
    • PSYC 2100C-L Experimental Psychology 

      Chalik, Lisa; Wildstein, Nicole; Best, Rachel; Ferstenberg, Ayden (2021-01)
      In this course, you will learn to design, conduct, and analyze research in psychology. You will also learn to read and write scientific research articles. By completing these activities, you will develop a deep understanding ...
    • PSYC 3128H - N Seminar in Moral Psychology 

      Chalik, Lisa (2021-01)
      This course will focus on the human capacity for morality and how that capacity develops across the lifespan. We will review theory and research on a broad range of topics within moral psychology, drawing from social, ...
    • Social categories as markers of intrinsic interpersonal obligations. 

      Chalik, Lisa; Rhodes, Marjorie (SAGE Publications, 2013-06)
      Social categorization is an early-developing feature of human social cognition, yet the role that social categories play in how children understand and predict human behavior has been unclear. These studies test whether ...