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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-04-28The Advantages of Community: Wellbeing in communal living and a look into the Jewish CommunityChalik, Lisa; Rochlin, Abigail
2018The cognitive processes underlying moral judgment across development.Chalik, Lisa; Rhodes, Marjorie; Van Bavel, Jay J.; 0000-0001-9188-1787
2015-07-13The communication of naïve theories of the social world in parent–child conversation.Chalik, Lisa; Rhodes, Marjorie; 0000-0001-9188-1787
2020-08-17The Effect of Recalling Past Positive and Negative Actions on Implicit and Explicit Self-Esteem.Chalik, Lisa; Yacker, Michael
2021-05-04Gender and Race as Guides for Children’s Expectations of Intergroup BehaviorChalik, Lisa; Topp, Tzipporah
2022-04-28How Mixed is the Playground: Children’s Predictions about In-Group, Out-Group BehaviorsChalik, Lisa; Zar, Hannah
2022-05-25The Impact of Group Membership on Children’s ChoicesChalik, Lisa; Reichman, Shoshana
2020-08-17Invisible at the Intersection: The Influence of Prototypical Beliefs on Group Identification in Black WomenChalik, Lisa; Levy, Shira
2021-04-27Negativity Bias in Children’s Moral ObligationsChalik, Lisa; Retter, Rachel
2021-01PSYC 1110-M Cognitive And Social Development Of The ChildChalik, Lisa; 0000-0001-9188-1787
2021-01PSYC 2100C-L Experimental PsychologyChalik, Lisa; Wildstein, Nicole; Best, Rachel; Ferstenberg, Ayden; 0000-0001-9188-1787
2021-01PSYC 3128H - N Seminar in Moral PsychologyChalik, Lisa; 0000-0001-9188-1787
2020-05-06The Role of Religious Context in Children’s Developing God ConceptsChalik, Lisa; Miller, Lisa
2013-06Social categories as markers of intrinsic interpersonal obligations.Chalik, Lisa; Rhodes, Marjorie; 0000-0001-9188-1787
2020-05-06Using Plasticity in the Treatment of Children with Depression.Chalik, Lisa; Lipsky, Rebecca; Yeshiva University, degree granting institution.
2019-02-15YU Ideas : The Future of the Book.Yeshiva University. Office of the Provost., /; Koller, Aaron; Waxman, Joshua; Fischer, Elli; Nachumi, Nora; Stein, Daniel; Carmy, Shalom; Lavinsky, David; Freedman, Jeffrey; Avnet, Tamar; Chalik, Lisa; Wachtell, Cynthia; Shawn, Karen; Glassman, Paul; Halpern, Stuart