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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Abraham Ibn Ezra to Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi: A critical edition, translation, and supercommentary with an analytic introductionCohen, Mordechai Z.; Frazer, Ezra
2020Approaches to Prophecy in Northern French Biblical Exegesis and the Thought of the German Pietists [Heb.]Kanarfogel, Ephraim; Koller, Aaron J.; Cohen, Mordechai Z.; Moshavi, Adina; 0000-0002-7539-7802
1995The Best of Poetry...’: Literary Approaches to the Bible in the Spanish Peshat TraditionCohen, Mordechai Z.;
2019-02-12Dr Fu & Dr Cohen: A Conversation Between Two Scholars at BRGS. [video]Cohen, Mordechai Z.; Fu, Youde;
2019-12-03Dr. Mordechai Cohen about Ezra HaSoferCohen, Mordechai Z.;
1997Hesed: Divine or human? The syntactic ambiguity of Ruth 2:20.Cohen, Mordechai Z.; Elman, Yaakov; Gurock, Jeffrey;
2011Interpreting “The Resting Of The Shekhinah”: Exegetical Implications Of The Theological Debate Among Maimonides, Nahmanides, And Sefer Ha-Hinnukh.Cohen, Mordechai Z.; Fine, Steven;
2003-01A poet’s biblical exegesis.Cohen, Mordechai Z.;
2020-05-06Prof. Mordechai Cohen: biblical concept of shemittaCohen, Mordechai Z.;
1994Radak's contribution to the tradition of figurative biblical exegesisMaori, Yeshayahu; Yeshayahu Maori;; Cohen, Mordechai Z.;
2020Rashi’s Literary Outlook as Reflected in his Conception of the Biblical Narrator: His use of the term ha-meshorer (“the poet”) and its impact in the northern French peshat school.Cohen, Mordechai Z.;
2020Richard Steiner: An appreciationKoller, Aaron; Koller, Aaron; Cohen, Mordechai Z.; Moshavi, Adina; 0009-0001-4065-6747
2012A Talmudist’s Biblical Hermeneutics: A New Understanding of Maimonides’ Principle of Peshat Primacy.Cohen, Mordechai Z.;
2020Tree and wood, polysemy and vagueness: Detangling the branches of the Hebrew word עץKoller, Aaron; Koller, Aaron; Cohen, Mordechai Z.; Moshavi, Adina; 0009-0001-4065-6747