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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 2414 – B)DiLorenzo, Terry
2023-06-23Animal-assisted therapy to treat depression in adolescent oncology patientsDiLorenzo, Terry; Schick, Eitana
2022-05-25Applying English Letter Naming Frequency Measures to English Speaking Students Learning to Read HebrewDiLorenzo, Terry; Hagler, Shira
2019-05-07The Effects of Social Support on Depression.DiLorenzo, Terry; Wein, Shira
2022-04-28The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Pediatric Occupational TherapyDiLorenzo, Terry; Neuer, Alta
2022-04-28Examining Autism Spectrum Disorder in Comorbidity with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Their TreatmentsDiLorenzo, Terry; Cohen, Sarah M.
2023-04-27Exploring the role of self-regulation as a mediator in the connection of mindfulness and health behaviorsDiLorenzo, Terry; Surpin, Yuval
2023-04-27Gender disparities in medicine: Factors contributing to the biases against women in clinical careDiLorenzo, Terry; Moskowitz, Rivka
2020-08-19The Intersection of Spirituality, Jewish Orthodox Mourning Rituals and Modern Grief PsychologyKanarfogel, Ephraim; DiLorenzo, Terry; Schonfeld, Hanna
2022-04-28Motivation in Occupational TherapyDiLorenzo, Terry; Miodownik, Arielle
2018-08-08Optimizing Prosocial Behaviors in any Situation: Aspects & Strategies.DiLorenzo, Terry; Tripp, Elyse
2021-04-27Politicians' Response on COVID-19-Related Topics: An Examination of Physician and Non-Physician Tweets of the 116th United States CongressDiLorenzo, Terry; Passy, Adina
2021-01PSYC 2017 Psychological Tests and MeasurementsDiLorenzo, Terry
2021-01PSYC 3105; SOCI 4925 Social PsychologyDiLorenzo, Terry
2021-01PSYC 3165 Human SexualityDiLorenzo, Terry
2021-09PSYC 3610; PUB 3610; SOCI 1233 Public HealthDiLorenzo, Terry
2021-04-28Social Navigation in Individuals with Borderline and Avoidant Personality Disorder SymptomsDiLorenzo, Terry; Zeitchik, Atira
2021-09Social Psychology - 13909 - PSYC 3105 - D1DiLorenzo, Terry
2020-05-22“This is Torah, and I Must Learn”: Evaluation of Women’s Premarital Sexual Education and Sexual Satisfaction in the Orthodox Jewish CommunityDiLorenzo, Terry; Buxbaum, Channa
2023-04-27The use of lactation consultants in a universal postpartum depression prevention interventionDiLorenzo, Terry; Vadnai, Shayna