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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-08Beliefs about Diabetes Medicine: Relationships with Patient-Related Factors, Illness-Related Factors and Medication Adherence Among Adults with Type 2 DiabetesGonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Phillips, Alison; Walker, Elizabeth; Feldman, Jonathan; Swencionis, Charles; Asman, Arielle
2022-03Cognition, symptom perception, and medication non-adherence in older adults with asthmaFeldman, Jonathan; Becker, Jacqueline H; Arora, Arush; Busse, Paula J.; Wisnivesky, Juan P.; Federman, Alex D..; 0000-0002-7326-3026
2020-11Developing and evaluating ASTHMAXcel adventures: A novel gamified mobile application for pediatric patients with asthmaFeldman, Jonathan; Hsia, Brian C.; Singh, Anjani K.; Njeze, Obumneme; Cosar, Emine; Mowrey, Wenzhu B.; Reznik, Marina; Jariwala, Sunit P.; 0000-0002-7326-3026
2021-06Evaluation of a Spanish language version of the Asthma Trigger inventoryFeldman, Jonathan; Torres-Zevallos, Hernando; Guerreros, Alfredo G..; Bazo-Alvarez, Juan C.; Alvarado, German F.; Vazquez, Karinna; Ritz, Thomas; 0000-0002-7326-3026
2020Explanatory model for asthma disparities in Latino children: Results from the Latino Childhood Asthma ProjectFeldman, Jonathan; Arcoleo, Kimberly; Marsiglia, Flavio; Serebrisky, Denise; Rodriguez, Juliana; McGovern, Colleen; 0000-0002-7326-3026
2020-06Further exploration of treatment response in Latinos with comorbid asthma and panic disorder: A brief report of HRV and ETCO2 as potential mediators of treatment response articleFeldman, Jonathan; Nelson, Krista L.; Lu, Shou-En; Oken, Tanya; Lehrer, Paul M.; 0000-0002-7326-3026
2020Going mobile with primary care: Smartphone-telemedicine for asthma management in young urban adults (TEAMS).Feldman, Jonathan; Mammen, Jennifer R.; Schoonmaker, Judith D.; Java, James; Halterman, Jill; Berliant, Marc N.; Crowley, Amber. D; Reznik, Marina; Fortuna, Robert J.; Frey, Sean M.; Turgeon, Kelsey; Philibert, Ashley; Arcoleo, Kimberly; 0000-0002-7326-3026
2020-06Maternal depressive symptoms, asthma management self-efficacy, patient-healthcare provider relationship, and asthma management in childrenFeldman, Jonathan; Gonzalez, Jeffrey; Weinberger, Andrea; Salton, William; Matte, Lynne; Zeigler, Ariel
2020-08Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Self-Efficacy in People with Migraine.Seng, Elizabeth K.; Feldman, Jonathan; Hirky, Anne Elizabeth; Weinberger, Andrea; Swencionis, Charles; Butler, Nicole
2023-08The relationship between acculturation and healthcare provider relationship on pediatric asthma outcomes among Latinx childrenFeldman, Jonathan; Arcoleo, Kimberly; Hillman, Barri; Spray, Amanda; Weinberger, Andrea; Starr, Sheena
2018The Relationship between Asthma Illness Beliefs, Child Anxiety and Symptom Perception among Latino and African American Pediatric Asthma PatientsFeldman, Jonathan; Goldman, Rachel
2019-12The relationship between body mass index, asthma symptom report, ethnicity, and asthma-related outcomes in childhood asthmaFeldman, Jonathan; Weinberger, Andrea; Areoleo, Kimberly; Rastogi, Deepa; Morales-Raveendran, Esperanza; Salton, William
2022-01The Role of E-cigarette Use in Smoking Cessation and E-cigarette DependenceWeinberger, Andrea; Swencionis, Charles; Seng, Elizabeth; Foley, Frederick; Feldman, Jonathan; Estey, David
2022Using the “coach approach”: A novel peer mentorship program for pediatric facultySchulte, Elaine E.; Alderman, Elizabeth; Feldman, Jonathan; Hametz, Patricia; Havranek, Thomas; Kaskel, Frederick J.; Levy, Adam; Manwani, Deepa; Stein, Ruth E. K; 0000-0002-7326-3026