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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Acculturation, acculturative stress, and outcomes in an Asthma-PD Latine sampleSwencionis, Charles; Feldman, Jonathan M.; Gonzalez, Jeffrey; Interian, Alejandro; Steinberg, Dara; Castaño, Katerina
2022Asthma history influences gait performance and associated prefrontal cortex activation patterns in older adultsFeldman, Jonathan M.; Holtzer, Roee; Jariwala, Sunit P.; Izzetoglu, Meltem; 0000-0002-7326-3026; 0000-0001-6639-0724
2021Depressive symptoms and overperception of airflow obstruction in older adults with asthmaFeldman, Jonathan M.; 0000-0002-7326-3026
2023Evaluating the dffect and user satisfaction of an adapted and translated mobile health application ASTHMAXcel among adults with asthma in Pune, IndiaFeldman, Jonathan M.; Chan, Austin; Kodali, Sruthi; Lee, Grace Y.; Gadhave, Swapnil; Arora, Shitij; Pawar, Shrikant; Gadkari, Rashmi; Bargaje, Medha; Salvi, Sundeep; Jariwala, Sunit P.; 0000-0002-7326-3026
2021Impact of caregiver depression on child asthma outcomes in Mexicans and Puerto RicansFeldman, Jonathan M.; Arcoleo, Kimberly J.; Serebrisky, Denise; Rastogi, Deepa; Marsiglia, Flavio F.; Kaur, Karenjot; 0000-0002-7326-3026
2022-11Longitudinal associations between balance confidence and cognitive performance in community-residing older adultsHoltzer, Roee; Weinberger, Andrea; Feldman, Jonathan M.; Foley, Frederick; Cole, Jeffrey; Kominsky, Rebecca Kraut
2021-01A mixed‐methods analysis of younger adults' perceptions of asthma, self‐management, and preventive care: "This isn't helping me none"Mammen, Jennifer R.; Turgeon, Kelsey; Philibert, Ashley; Schoonmaker, Judith D.; Java, James; Halterman, Jill; Berliant, Marc N.; Crowley, Amber; Reznik, Marina; Feldman, Jonathan M.; Fortuna, Robert J.; Arcoleo, Kimberly; 0000-0002-7326-3026
2023-04Obesity and the moderating role of caregiver asthma-related illness representations and anxiety on asthma outcomes in Black and Latinx youthFeldman, Jonathan M.; Weinberger, Andrea H.; Gonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Swencionis, Charles; Rastogi, Deepa; DiCicco-Bloom, Jared
2022Obesity-related pediatric asthma: Relationships between pulmonary function and clinical outcomes.Feldman, Jonathan M.; Starr, Sheena; Wysocki, Matthew; DeLeon, Jesenya D.; Silverstein, Gabriella; Arcoleo, Kimberly; Rastogi, Deepa; 0000-0002-7326-3026
2021-05Parent Asthma Numeracy Skill: Examining Associations with Child Asthma Outcomes and Parent Illness RepresentationsFeldman, Jonathan M.; Arcoleo, Kimberly; Weinberger, Andrea H; Lehrer, Paul; Gonzalez, Jeffrey S; Kaur, Karenjot
2024-02-29Perceived ethnic discrimination and cigarette smoking cessation among a sample of people with HIVWeinberger, Andrea H.; Seng, Elizabeth K.; Shute, Jonathan; Foley, Frederick W.; Feldman, Jonathan M.; Agterberg, Silvana Jones
2022A pilot randomized controlled trial of an intervention to improve perception of lung function in older adults with asthmaFeldman, Jonathan M.; Ankam, Jyoti; Barry, Michele; Fruchter, Natalie; Becker, Jacqueline; Jariwala, Sunit; Shim, Chang; Wisnivesky, Juan P.; Federman, Alex D.; 0000-0002-7326-3026
2022Reduced asthma morbidity during COVID-19 in minority children: Is medication adherence a reason?Feldman, Jonathan M.; Serebriskyc, Denise; Starr, Sheena; Castañoa, Katerina; Greenfield, Naomi; Silverstein, Gabriella; Fruchter, Natalie; Mammen, Jennifer; McGoverne, Colleen; Arcoleod, Kimberly
2022The relationship between depressive symptoms, eHealth literacy, and asthma outcomes in the context of a mobile health interventionFeldman, Jonathan M.; Silverstein, Gabriella; Styke, Sarah; Kaur, Savneet; Singh, Anjani; Green, Samuel; Jariwala, Sunit P.; 0000-0002-7326-3026
2022Respiratory psychophysiology and COVID-19: A research agendaFeldman, Jonathan M.; Vlemincx, Elke; Arcoleo, Kimberly J.; Babb, Tony G.; Davenport, Paul W.; Marshall, Gailen D; Ramirez, Jan-Marino; Ritz, Thomas; Troosters, Thierry; Van den Bergh, Omer; von Leupold, Andreas; 0000-0002-7326-3026