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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201610 Luke 22:53: “When I Was With You Daily in the Temple”—What Did the Jerusalem Temple Look Like in the Time of Jesus? Some Reflections on the Façade of Herod’s TempleSchertz, Peter; Fine, Steven; Schertz, Peter; Fine, Steven
2022Afterword: Why the Samaritans?Fine, Steven; Fine, Steven
2021Agnon's Tales of the Land of IsraelFine, Steven; Saks, Jeffrey; Carmy, Shalom
2020-11-17Appreciating the Bavli in the Context of Christian Sources and Classical Rhetoric: A Public Dialogue [video]Fine, Steven; Siegal, Michael Bar-Asher
2021-02-03Appreciating the Bavli in the context of Christian sources and classical rhetoric: A public dialogue.Hidary, Richard; Fine, Steven; Siegal, Michal Bar-Asher
2017-11-03The Arch of Titus in New York CityFine, Steven; Neathawk, Lindsay; Sanders, Donald H.; Michaels, Bonni-Dara
2021-05-03The Arch of Titus in our time.Hasan-Rokem, Galit; Fine, Steven; YU Undergraduates; Champagne, Marie-Thérèse
2005Between Liturgy and Social History: Priestly Power in Late Antique Palestinian Synagogues?Fine, Steven
2020-10-20Civility, Citizenship and Torah [video]Fine, Steven; Stone, Suzanne Last; Carmy, Shalom; Rynhold, Daniel
2020-10-20Civility, Citizenship and Torah.Fine, Steven; Stone, Suzanne Last; Carmy, Shalom
2021-02Die Geschichte von Juden und Samaritanen— Abgrenzung und Annäherung.Fine, Steven
2018The Emergence of the SynagogueFine, Steven; Greenspahn, Frederick E.
2021-08-11Fine, Steven. (2021). “They Remembered That They Had Seen It in a Jewish Midrash”: How a Samaritan Tale Became a Legend of the Jews. Religions 12: 635., Steven
2019-10-18Herod’s Temple: an Ornament to the Empire.Fine, Steven; Schertz, Peter; Fine, Steven
2020-07-23How Will We Remember Covid?: A View from the Archives [video]Berger, Shulamith; Perelis, Ronnie; Fine, Steven
2022-09-22How Yeshiva University tries to balance ‘yeshiva’ and ‘university’Fine, Steven
2016Illuminating the path to ArmageddonFine, Steven
2011Interpreting “The Resting Of The Shekhinah”: Exegetical Implications Of The Theological Debate Among Maimonides, Nahmanides, And Sefer Ha-Hinnukh.Cohen, Mordechai Z.; Fine, Steven;
2007Introduction to the reprint: E. L. Sukenik, ancient synagogues, and the birth of "Jewish Archaeology"Fine, Steven
2021-03-08Jewish history and archaeology with Dr. Steven Fine.Fine, Steven; Westrich, Uri