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    • PSY1107 / HBSI1107: Human Communication 

      Galantucci, Bruno (2020-09)
      Course description. This course familiarizes students with a set of diverse scientific perspectives on human communication. These perspectives cover psychological and social aspects of human communication, providing ...

      Galantucci, Bruno (Yeshiva College, Yeshiva University, 2022-08)
      This course will introduce you to basic themes of research in the psychology of perception, atten-tion, memory, visual imagery and, with a particular emphasis, language and communication. These themes provide foundational ...
    • When faithful informational exchange is just not worth it: Reformulation ability as a predictor of other-initiated repair 

      Teitelbaum, Louis (2021-09)
      Galantucci et al (2020) showed that when people are given instructions that they do not understand, they do not always ask clarifying questions. Why do they keep their confusion to themselves? Are people more likely to ...