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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-072020-2021. Yeshiva University Libraries Annual Report. Yeshiva University Libraries; Glassman, Paul
2022-06-252021-2022. Yeshiva University Libraries Annual Report. Glassman, Paul; Lubetski, Edith; Zeng, Hao; Weiss, Tina; Malamud, Rebecca; Kosakoff, Wendy; Moore, Sandra E.; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2020-05Acrylic Painting Techniques: A Series of Nature Themed Acrylic Paintings.Glassman, Paul; Yeshiva University, degree granting institution.; Durani, Barack
2022-02-18The Alternatives Pilot ProjectGlassman, Paul; Moore, Sandra; Grinstead, Leigh A.; Grumet, Elinor;
2021-01ART1633H The Language of ArchitectureGlassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2022-08ART1635H: Evolution of SkypscrapersGlassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2019-09ART1650H: Architecture of the SynagogueGlassman, Paul
2021-01ART1660: Cultures of Modern ArchitectureGlassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2022-08ART1831: Architectural Design ProcessGlassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2019ART1832: Architectural Design StudioGlassman, Paul
2021Book review of 'Gothic: An illustrated history', by Roger LuckhurstGlassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2023-02-09Book Talk: Irish Culture & "The People": Populism and its Discontents by Seamus O'MalleyO'Malley, Seamus; Thomas, Justin; Hes, Shulamis; Freedman, Jeffrey; Glassman, Paul
2018-12-13Book Talk: Narratives from the Sephardic Atlantic: Blood and Faith.Perelis, Ronnie; Glassman, Paul; Hes, Shulamis
2022Breuer’s Bohemia: The Architect, His Circle, and Midcentury Houses in New England [Review of the book by J. Crump]Glassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2023-05Catalog of University Authors 2023Glassman, Paul; Hobden, Andrew; Kosakoff, Wendy; Malamud, Rebecca; Schiffman, Marlene; Grant, Aiden; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2024-04-10Catalog of University Authors 2024Glassman, Paul; Hobden, Andrew; Grant, Aidan (Cover Photograph); YU Marketing and Communications (Design); Kosakoff, Wendy (Proofreading); 0000-0003-3879-0266
2017-05Catalog of University Authors May 2017Glassman, Paul; Steven Essig; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2022-05Catalog of University Authors May 2022Glassman, Paul; Kosakoff, Wendy; Malamud, Rebecca; Schiffman, Marlene; Steinberg, Emily Scherer; Lora, Keyla; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2014Creating Effective Research Assignments: Helping Students Solve Information ProblemsGlassman, Paul; Shea, Gerard
2022-05The Dyckman Farmhouse: An Architectural AnalysisGlassman, Paul; Safier, Jonathan