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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Adults with type 2 diabetes benefit from self-management support intervention regardless of depressive symptomsMayberry, Lindsay S.; Nelson, Lyndsay A.; Gonzalez, Jeffrey S.
2021The association of the parent-child language acculturation gap with obesity and cardiometabolic risk in Hispanic/Latino youth: Results from the Hispanic community children’s health study/study of Latino youth SOL youth)Gonzalez, Jeffrey S.; LeCroy, Madison N.; Strizich, Garrett M; Gallo, Linda C; Perreira, Krista P; Ayala, Guadalupe X; Carnethon, Mercedes R; Delamater, Alan M; Arredondo, Elva M; Pulgaron, Elizabeth R; Isasi, Carmen R
2021Barriers to prevention and timely presentation of diabetic foot ulcers: Perspectives of patients from a high-risk urban population in the United StatesGonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Flattau, Anna; Tanenbaum, Molly L.; Andrews, Cary; Twomey, Stephanie; Vileikyte, Loretta; McKee, M. Diane
2020-08Beliefs about Diabetes Medicine: Relationships with Patient-Related Factors, Illness-Related Factors and Medication Adherence Among Adults with Type 2 DiabetesGonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Phillips, Alison; Walker, Elizabeth; Feldman, Jonathan; Swencionis, Charles; Asman, Arielle
2021Correlates of self-rated health in people with diabetic peripheral neuropathy: a longitudinal studyGonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Hoogendoorn, C. J.; Schechter, C. B.; Flattau, A.; Reeves, N. D.; Boulton, A. J. M.; Vileikyte, L.
2022-07Daily Self-Reported Sleep Quality and Medication Adherence Among Adults with Type 2 Diabetes: An Ecological Momentary Assessment ApproachGonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Seng, Elizabeth K.; Weinberger, Andrea H.; Solon, Carly A.
2021Distress and type 2 diabetes self-care: Putting the pieces togetherGonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Hoogendoorn, C. J.; Schechter, C. B.; Llabre, M. M.; Walker, E. A.
2018Illness Specific Self-Esteem in Adolescents with Type 1 DiabetesGonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Kenowitz, Joslyn R.
2023-04Obesity and the moderating role of caregiver asthma-related illness representations and anxiety on asthma outcomes in Black and Latinx youthFeldman, Jonathan M.; Weinberger, Andrea H.; Gonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Swencionis, Charles; Rastogi, Deepa; DiCicco-Bloom, Jared
2021Racial-ethnic disparities in diabetes technology use among young adults with type 1 diabetes.Gonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Agarwal, Shivani; Schechter, Clyde; Long, Judith A.
2022Relationships among illness representations and depressive symptom severity in predominantly African-American and Caribbean-American people with epilepsyGonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Gupta, Sugandha K.; Margolis, Seth A.; Grant, Arthur C.; Nakhutina, Luba
2021Spousal influence on diabetes self-care: Moderating effects of distress and relationship quality on glycemic controlGonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Soriano, Emily C; Lenhard, James M; Tennen, Howard; Chow, Sy-Miin; Otto, Amy K; Perndorfer, Christine; Shen, Biing-Jiun; Siegel, Scott D; Laurenceau, Jean-Philippe