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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Cognitive function mediates the relationship between visual contrast sensitivity and functional outcome in schizophrenia.Zemon, Vance; Herrera, Shaynna N.; Revheim, Nadine; Silipo, Gail; Gordon, James; Butler, Pamela D.; 0000-0003-4048-6618
2023Contrast sensitivity and clinical high risk for psychosis: A psychophysical investigationZemon, Vance; Pamela, Butler; Herrera, Shaynna; Gordon, James; Swencionis, Charles; Ifrah, Chloe
2021Contrast sensitivity deficits in schizophrenia: A psychophysical investigationZemon, Vance; Herrera, Shaynna; Gordon, James; Revheim, Nadine; Silipo, Gail; Butler, Pamela; 0000-0003-4048-6618
2019Electrophysiological indices of disease status in multiple sclerosisZemon, Vance; Foley, Frederick; Gordon, James; Butler, Pamela; Siegel, Kasey B.
2020-01A Genetics-First Approach to the Identification of Behavioral and Neural Correlates of Sensory Processing in Autism Spectrum DisorderZemon, Vance; Siper, Paige; Gordon, James; Lurie, Stacey
2020-08Objective Electrophysiological Assessment of Neural Functioning in Multiple Sclerosis and Healthy Control ParticipantsFoley, Frederick W.; Zemon, Vance; Gordon, James; Archetti, Roseann Nicole
2023-04Objective frequency analysis of transient visual evoked potentials in activity dependent neuroprotective protein (adnp) syndromeZemon, Vance; Gordon, James; Siper, Paige; Hillman, Bari; Zweifach, Jessica; Benrey Grinberg, Nurit Esther
2021-11-14Objective frequency analysis of transient visual evoked potentials in autistic children.Zemon, Vance; Brittenham, Chloe; Gordon, James; Siper, Paige M.; 0000-0003-4048-6618
2019Relations of electrophysiological measures of visual function and neuropsychological function in schizophreniaZeman, Vance; Butler, Pamela; Gordon, James; Lo Proto, Clementina P.
2021Visual evoked potential abnormalities in Phelan-McDermid SyndromeZemon, Vance; Siper, Paige M.; Rowe, Mikaela A.; Guillory, Sylvia B.; Rouhandeh, Audrey A.; George-Jones, Julia L.; Tavassoli, Teresa; Lurie, Stacey; Zweifach, Jessica; Weissman, Jordana; Foss-Feig, Jennifer; Halpern, Danielle; Trelles, M. Pilar; Mulhern, Maureen S.; Brittenham, Chloe; Gordon, James; Buxbaum, Joseph D.; Kolevzon, Alexander; 0000-0003-4048-6618