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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022The Aggadic Mindset: How Talmudic Tales Shape the Jewish OutlookJachter, Chaim; Jachter, Binyamin; Thomas, Justin; Hes, Shulamis; Hes, David
2021-12-21Ari Mermelstein Book Lecture - December 21, 2021Mermelstein, Ari; Rosen, Jay; Hes, Shulamis; 0000-0002-3572-9518
2023-02-09Book Talk: Irish Culture & "The People": Populism and its Discontents by Seamus O'MalleyO'Malley, Seamus; Thomas, Justin; Hes, Shulamis; Freedman, Jeffrey; Glassman, Paul
2018-12-13Book Talk: Narratives from the Sephardic Atlantic: Blood and Faith.Perelis, Ronnie; Glassman, Paul; Hes, Shulamis
2022-12-05Book talk: Psyched for TorahSchiffman, Mordechai; Weiss, Tina; Hes, Shulamis
2023-02-19Book talk: Real questions, Real answersCiment, Avi; Holderness, J. B.; Thomas, Justin; Hes, Shulamis
2023-11-21Book talk: The Judaism of the poskim: Responsa and nature of Orthodox JudaismRothstein, Gidon; Holderness, J. B.; Hes, Shulamis
2021-12-13Ellen Schrecker Book Lecture - December 13, 2021Schrecker, Ellen; Rosen, Jay; Hes, Shulamis; Geyh, Paula
2021-10-13Introduction to RefWorks for Graduate Students and FacultyHes, Shulamis
2022-02-16Joan Haahr Book Lecture: "Prisoners of Memory: A Jewish Family from Nazi Germany"Haahr, Joan Gluckauf; Holderness, J.B.; 0000-0002-0744-6828; Hes, Shulamis; Schnall, Eliezer; Stenhouse, William
2022-11-01The Journey to Your Ultimate Self | YU Library Book TalkHes, Shulamis; Reichman, Shmuel; Schiffman, Mordechai
2022-03-29Library Book Talk | Illuminating Jewish Thought: Faith, Philosophy, and Knowledge of GodWiederbank, Netanel (Nathaniel); Holderness, J.B.; Hes, Shulamis
2017-05-08Library Book Talk: The Menorah: From the Bible to Modern IsraelFine, Steven; Holderness, J.B.; Glassman, Paul; Hes, Shulamis
2017-12-06Library Book Talk: The Polish Underground and the Jews, 1939-1945Zimmerman, Josh; Holderness, J.B.; Glassman, Paul; Hes, Shulamis
2020-02-10Library Book Talks: Moshe Sokolow Book Lecture. February 10, 2020Sokolow, Moshe; Holderness, J.B.; Hes, Shulamis
2019-12-04Library Book Talks: Shalom Holtz Book Lecture.Holtz, Shalom E; Holderness, J.B.; Hes, Shulamis
2020-03Library Staff News ; 13Schiffman, Marlene; Lee, Hindishe; Glassman, Paul; Beuhler, Nicole; Erenyi, Zvi; Moore, Sandy; Bettencourt, Michael; Malamud, Rebecca; Hes, Shulamis; Schiffman, Marlene; Holderness, J.B.
2020-12Library Staff News ; 20Grumet, Elinor; Freedman, Jeffrey; Cohen, Yosef; Cantor, Hallie; Apterbach, Emily; Berger, Shulamith Z.; Rosen, Jay; Hes, Shulamis; Schiffman, Marlene; Rosen, Jay
2022-03Library Staff News ; 21Schiffman, Marlene; Erenyi, Zvi; Cantor, Hallie; Krauwirth, Rina; Lee, Hindishe; Hes, Shulamis; Schiffman, Marlene
2021-11-23Miriam Hirsch Book Lecture - November 23, 2021Hirsch, Miriam; Rosen, Jay; Hes, Shulamis; 0000-0003-0550-6118; Rabinovich, Deena S.