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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04-27Antisemitism, white nationalism and racism in America today.Ward, Eric; Olson, Jess; Holderness, J.B.
2020-12-08Book talk: Chana Stiefel, “From Stern to Scholastic: A Journey in Children’s Publishing” .Steifel, Chana; Holderness, J.B.; Cantor, Hallie
2021-02-09Book talk: Marcelo Broitman, "Francisco Sánchez y el redescubrimiento de la duda en el Renacimiento"Broitman, Marcelo; Holderness, J.B.; Perelis, Ronnie; Weiss, Tina
2022-03-23Book talk: Roya Kakakian: "A Beginner's Guide to America: For the Immigrant and the Curious"Hakakian, Roya; Holderness, J.B.; Perelis, Ronnie
2021-04-20Cities, suburbs and race.Perelis, Ronnie; Lebovits, Hannah; Holderness, J.B.
2022-02-09Climate Resilience in the Middle East : ECOPEACE @YUHolderness, J.B.; Perelis, Ronnie; Bromberg, Gidon
2022-04-27Columbus through Jewish Eyes: Joseph ha-Kohen's Sefer ha-India Ha-hadashaCassen, Flora; Holderness, J.B.; Perelis, Ronnie; Perelis, Ronnie
2021-02-17Crisis and Hope: YU Voices Book Talk: "Every Last Breath: A Memoir of Two Illnesses".Jacobson, Joanne; Blatner, Barbara; Holderness, J.B.
2021-03-02Every Last Breath: A Memoir of Two IllnessesJacobson, Joanne; Holderness, J.B.; Glassman, Paul; Fitzgerald, Lauren
2022-03-15Freedom, Human Rights and Jewish Values: The War in UkraineHolderness, J.B.; Blau, Yosef; Stone, Suzanne; Blau, Yosef; Luders, Joseph
2022-02-16Joan Haahr Book Lecture: "Prisoners of Memory: A Jewish Family from Nazi Germany"Haahr, Joan Gluckauf; Holderness, J.B.; 0000-0002-0744-6828; Hes, Shulamis; Schnall, Eliezer; Stenhouse, William
2020-11-17Library Book Talk : Rabbi Allen Schwartz on Conflict & Resolution in the Early Prophets.Schwartz, Allen; Holderness, J.B.; Carmy, Shalom
2022-03-29Library Book Talk | Illuminating Jewish Thought: Faith, Philosophy, and Knowledge of GodWiederbank, Netanel (Nathaniel); Holderness, J.B.; Hes, Shulamis
2020-09-14Library Book Talk: Aaron Koller on Unbinding Isaac: The Significance of the Akedah for Modern Jewish ThoughtKoller, Aaron; Holderness, J.B.; Weiss, Tina
2018-04-17Library Book Talk: Marnin Young & Mary Creede Art LectureYoung, Marnin; Creede, Mary; Holderness, J.B.; Glassman, Paul; Grumet, Elinor
2017-05-08Library Book Talk: The Menorah: From the Bible to Modern IsraelFine, Steven; Holderness, J.B.; Glassman, Paul; Hes, Shulamis
2017-12-06Library Book Talk: The Polish Underground and the Jews, 1939-1945Zimmerman, Josh; Holderness, J.B.; Glassman, Paul; Hes, Shulamis
2014-02Library Book Talks: Ephraim Kanarfogel Book Lecture.Kanarfogel, Ephraim; Holderness, J.B.; Glassman, Paul, Host; Schwartz, Dov; Kanarfogel, Ephraim
2019-04-09Library Book Talks: Matt Miller Book Lecture.Miller, Matt; Holderness, J.B.; Krautwirth, Rina; Grumet, Elinor
2020-02-10Library Book Talks: Moshe Sokolow Book Lecture. February 10, 2020Sokolow, Moshe; Holderness, J.B.; Hes, Shulamis