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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Association of affect and performance in dual-task walking in non-demented older adults.Guharajan, Deepan; Holtzer, Roee; 0000-0001-6639-0724
2021-05The Associations of Apathy with Gait Velocity and Prefrontal Cortex Oxygenation Assessed During Active Walking in Healthy Older AdultsHoltzer, Roee; Foley, Frederick W.; Weinberger, Andrea; Masur, David M.; Facchini, Ronda L.; Lee, Jennifer
2022Asthma history influences gait performance and associated prefrontal cortex activation patterns in older adultsFeldman, Jonathan M.; Holtzer, Roee; Jariwala, Sunit P.; Izzetoglu, Meltem; 0000-0002-7326-3026; 0000-0001-6639-0724
2021Brain activation changes while walking in adults with and without neurological disease: Systematic review and meta-analysis of functional near-infrared spectroscopy studiesHoltzer, Roee; Bishnoi, Alka; Hernandez, Manuel E.; 0000-0001-6639-0724
2022-12Central Control and Neuroinflammatory Mechanisms of Locomotion in Older Adults with HIVHoltzer, Roee; Sharma, Anjali; 0000-0001-6639-0724
2021Cognitive reserve moderates associations between walking performance under single- and dual-task conditions and incident mobility impairment in older adults.Holtzer, Roee; O’Brien, Catherine; 0000-0001-6639-0724
2022Cognitive reserve moderates the effciency of prefrontal cortex activation patterns of gait in older adultsHoltzer, Roee; Ross, Daliah; O’Brien, Catherine; Izzetoglu, Meltem; Wagshul, Mark E; 0000-0001-6639-0724
2021Cognitive reserve moderates the efficiiency of prefrontal cortex activation patterns of gait in older adultsHoltzer, Roee; Ross, Daliah; O’Brien, Catherine; Izzetoglu, Meltem; Wagshul, Mark E; 0000-0001-6639-0724
2021Computerised cognitive remediation to enhance mobility in older adults: A single-blind, single-centre, randomised trial.Holtzer, Roee; Verghese, Joe; Mahoney, Jeannette R; Ayers, Emmeline; Ambrose, Anne; Wang, Cuiling; 0000-0001-6639-0724
2021-02The effects of perceived pain in the past month on prefrontal cortex activation patterns assessed during cognitive and motor performances in older adults.Holtzer, Roee; Pakray, Hannah; Izzetoglu, Meltem; Seng, Elizabeth; 0000-0001-6639-0724; 0000-0002-8938-4949 Elizabeth Seng
2022-01Falls, mood, and driving safety in multiple sclerosisFoley, Frederick W; Seng, Elizabeth K.; Holtzer, Roee; Cohen, Jenna
2018HbO2 Variability During Walking and Walking While Talking in Older AdultsHoltzer, Roee; Yuan, Jennifer
2017Health Related Quality of Life and Cognitive Functioning in Older AdultsHoltzer, Roee; Belser-Ehrlich, Janna
2021The Impact of Music Making on Dual-Task Performance in Healthy Older AdultsHoltzer, Roee; Hirky, Anne E; Weinberger, Andrea; Jacobs, Sydney
2022The Impact of Perceived Pain on Neural Efficiency During Walking in Older AdultsHoltzer, Roee; Foley, Frederick; Seng, Elizabeth; Darwazah, Hannah
2022-08The interrelationship of hepatic encephalopathy and motor functioning in cirrhosisHoltzer, Roee; Sigal, Samuel H; Masur, David M; Foley, Frederick W; Zemon, Vance; Schneider, Shonna J.
2022-11Longitudinal associations between balance confidence and cognitive performance in community-residing older adultsHoltzer, Roee; Weinberger, Andrea; Feldman, Jonathan M.; Foley, Frederick; Cole, Jeffrey; Kominsky, Rebecca Kraut
2022Neural variability in the prefrontal cortex as a reflection of neural flexibility and stability in patients with Parkinson DiseaseMaidan, Inbal; Hacham, Roni; Galperin, Irina; Giladi, Nir; Holtzer, Roee; Hausdorff, Jeffrey M.; Mirelman, Anat; 0000-00001-6639-0724
2021-06Openness to experience and activity engagement: Protective factors against longitudinal decline in attention/executive functions and verbal memory in older adultsHoltzer, Roee; Weinberger, Andrea; Foley, Frederick; Mercuri, Giulia
2021-06-24Prefrontal cortex activation during dual-task walking in older adults is moderated by thickness of several cortical regions.Holtzer, Roee; Ross, Daliah; Wagshul, Mark E.; Izzetoglu, Meltem; 0000-0001-6639-0724