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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Envisioning possibilities for the future of local policing: Suggestions on law enforcement policy by two vulnerable groupsMason, Susan E.; Lane, Shannon R.; Lee, Rain; Barbosa, Guillermo Yrizar; Bialeck, Michelle J
2019-10Faculty-to-Faculty incivility in social work educationLane, Shannon R.; Flowers, Theresa D.; McClendon, Jennifer; 0000-0002-6337-2712
2019From the Empire State to the North Star State: Voter engagement in the 2016 ElectionLane, Shannon R.; Hill, Katherine M.; Powers, Jenna; Smith, Tanya Rhodes; 0000-0002-6337-2712
2020Giving a voice to those with felony convictionsLane, Shannon R.; Hill, Katharine; Smith, Tanya Rhodes; Shannon, Sarah; 0000-0002-6337-2712
2022In their own words: Social work faculty discuss incivilityLane, Shannon R.; Kagothob, Njeri; McClendonc, Jennifer; Flowers, Theresa D.; Vanidestine, Todd; Bogenschutz, Matthew; 0000-0002-6337-2712
2020-07Interprofessional perspectives on faculty-to-faculty incivility from nursing and social work.Lane, Shannon R.; McClendon, Jennifer; Osborne-Leute, Victoria; Baxter, Kim; 0000-0002-6337-2712
2020“Just one person in the middle”: Ethics and political social work practicePritzker, Suzanne; Lane, Liza Barros; Lane, Shannon R.; 0000-0002-6337-2712
2022-07Mental Health Literacy and Service Utilization among Black/African American Undergraduate StudentsLane, Shannon R.; Cenatus, Rebecca C.
2020Social justice and advanced cancer patients: An analysis of key policiesMarmo, Suzanne; Lane, Shannon R.; 0000-0002-6337-2712
2020Training social workers for political engagement: Exploring regional differences in the United StatesMcClendon, Jennifer; Lane, Shannon R.; Ostrander, Jason; Smith, Tanya Rhodes; 0000-0002-6337-2712
2022Who is a social worker? Lessons on sampling from political participation researchMeehan, Patrick; Ostrander, Jason; Lane, Shannon R.; 0000-0002-6337-2712