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    • MATH 2105: Linear algebra I 

      Nandori, Peter (Stern College for Women, Yeshiva University, 2022-01)
      COURSE DESCRIPTION: In linear algebra, we learn how to solve systems of linear equations efficiently.Systems of linear equations are one of the most important and most commonly applied mathematical models in a big range ...
    • Probability Theory - 13636 - MAT 2461 - 241 ; Probability Theory - 14030 - MATH 2461 - N 

      Nandori, Peter (2021-09)
      Probability spaces; combinatorics; conditional probability; discrete and continuous random variables; examples; density and distribution functions; independence; expectation and variance; moment-generating functions; law ...
    • Statistical Properties of the Wind-Tree Model 

      Rapp, Etta (2021-04-27)
      Ehrenfest's wind-tree model is a dynamical system representing the motion of a billiard on an infinite plane with periodic rectangular scatterers. Previous research has shown that the diffusion rate of ...