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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Bullying, Harassment and Social Exclusion in Jewish Schools: Unique Opportunities and Challenges to Promote Positive Peer Culture.Novick, Rona
2021-03Covid-19 & Chinuch: Lessons Learned Opportunities Uncovered. Volume 1: Teaching & Learning.Novick, Rona; Freundel, Sharon; Shawn, Karen; Frankel, Hadassah; Hecht, Audi; Moskovich, Leah; Rutnner, Bracha; Turetsky, Ilana; Grajower, Josh; Goldberg, Scott; Hoenig, Mark; Sokolow, Moshe; Chanales, Yehuda; Schiffman, Mordechai; Deutsch, Yehuda; Salomon, Laya
2022-01The COVID-19 Pandemic: Psychological Wellbeing, Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth in Adolescent Jewish Day School StudentsPelcovitz, David; Novick, Rona; Schiffman, Mordechai; Solowiejczyk-Namdar, Carly
2023-09Creating female Torah scholar leaders: The need for mentorship and role models for high school studentsGoldberg, Scott; Novick, Rona; Pelcovitz, David; Joel, Avery; Stein-Hain, Elana; Price, Nechama
2022-09The effects of social isolation and virtual learning on young children during mandated lockdownNovick, Rona; Schiffman, Mordechai; Ben-Asher, Sarah; Turetsky, Ilana
2022-12Effects of teacher directed games on vocabulary in a second languageKrakowski, Moshe; Novick, Rona; Goldberg, Scott J.; Babad, Rivka
2022-09Fostering and assessing dispositions: A mixed methods study of face-to-face and asynchronous courses in educator preparation programsPelcovitz, David; Novick, Rona; Krakowski, Moshe; Brooks, Suzanne E.
2023-01The impact of a positive teacher-student relationship with Judaic studies teachers on the religious observance and spiritual connection of Modern Orthodox adolescents during their time in high schoolGoldberg, Scott; Novick, Rona; Pelcovitz, David; Strulowitz, Joshua David
2023-05A minority within a minority: Sephardic adolescents in Ashkenazic schoolsPelcovitz, David; Novick, Rona; Krakowski, Moshe; Rand, Elana Riback
2020-10-28Rona Milch Novick Book Lecture - October 28, 2020 [video]Novick, Rona; Holderness, J.B.; Weiss, Tina
2021-01A study of three gratitude interventions implemented by religious instructors in a Jewish day school.Pelcovitz, David; Novick, Rona; Salomon, Laya; Goldstein, Aviva; Werzberger, Yali; Mark, David
2021-06A View of Teacher Leadership and Conditions of Support in Jewish Day SchoolsGoldberg, Scott J; Novick, Rona; Shawn, Karen; Loewenstein, Shira
2018-08-10YU Ideas : Israel at 70. Podcast.Novick, Rona; Neugroschl, CB; Kahn, Josh; Halpern, Stuart