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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-08-23The Activism of Rabbi Marshall Meyer in the Period of the Argentinian Junta, 1976-1983.Perelis, Ronnie; Grossman, Hannah
2012Blood and spirit: Paternity, fraternity and religious self-fashioning in Luis de Carvajal’s spiritual autobiographyPerelis, Ronnie
2021-02-09Book talk: Marcelo Broitman, "Francisco Sánchez y el redescubrimiento de la duda en el Renacimiento"Broitman, Marcelo; Holderness, J.B.; Perelis, Ronnie; Weiss, Tina
2018-12-13Book Talk: Narratives from the Sephardic Atlantic: Blood and Faith.Perelis, Ronnie; Glassman, Paul; Hes, Shulamis
2022-03-23Book talk: Roya Kakakian: "A Beginner's Guide to America: For the Immigrant and the Curious"Hakakian, Roya; Holderness, J.B.; Perelis, Ronnie
2021-04-20Cities, suburbs and race.Perelis, Ronnie; Lebovits, Hannah; Holderness, J.B.
2022-02-09Climate Resilience in the Middle East : ECOPEACE @YUHolderness, J.B.; Perelis, Ronnie; Bromberg, Gidon
2022-04-27Columbus through Jewish Eyes: Joseph ha-Kohen's Sefer ha-India Ha-hadashaCassen, Flora; Holderness, J.B.; Perelis, Ronnie; Perelis, Ronnie
2021-03-04Diasporas and borderland: A virtual tour of Alejandro Meter's photography: Alejandro Meter.Meter, Alejandro; Perelis, Ronnie
2022-11-07An Evening with Jai ChakrabartiOlson, Jess; Perelis, Ronnie; Puretz, David; Chakrabarti, Jai
2022-09HIST 2503: New World encounters: Narratives of discovery and conquest from Columbus and beyondPerelis, Ronnie
2020-07-23How Will We Remember Covid?: A View from the Archives [video]Berger, Shulamith; Perelis, Ronnie; Fine, Steven
2020Jewish sacred architecture in the Spanish and Portuguese diasporaPerelis, Ronnie; Fine, Steven
2020-09JHI 1341: Sepharad: The Jews of Medieval SpainPerelis, Ronnie
2020-09JHI1340 Sepharad: The Jews of Medieval Spain (711-1492)Perelis, Ronnie
2021-09JHIS 1335 - K The Jews of Medieval SpainPerelis, Ronnie
2021-01JHIS 4930 – K Topics: Jewish Presence in Latin AmericaPerelis, Ronnie
2021-04-27Kugel and frijoles: A conversation with the author.Limonic, Laura; Perelis, Ronnie
2021-02-23"La Santa Esther": Esther among the Crypto-Jews of the Americas.Perelis, Ronnie; Cairns, Emily Colbert
2020-07-30The Lessons of the Holocaust for our times : Dr. Shay Pilnik with Dr. Ronnie Perelis.Pilnik, Shay; Perelis, Ronnie