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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02-04Do age and gender affect managers’ career progression? Evidence from the careers of movie directors.Ravid, S. Abraham; Han, Shu; 0000-0002-5557-789X
2021-04-21The economics of filmed entertainment in the digital era.Sorenson, Olav; Hennig-Thurau, Thorsten; Ravid, S. Abraham; 0000-0002-5557-789X
2023-06-14Foreign ownership and board cultural diversityRavid, S. Abraham; El Moujahid, Oussama; Frijns, Bart; Sekerci, Naciye; 0000-0002-5557-789X
2003-10How critical are critical reviews? The box office effects of film critics, star power, and budgets.Ravid, S. Abraham; Basuroy, Suman; Chatterjee, Subimal; 0000-0002-5557-789X
2017-03-11The impact of advertising content on movie revenues.Ravid, S. Abraham; Rao, Vithala R.; Gretz, Richard T.; Chen, Jialie; Basuroy, Suman; 0000-0002-5557-789X
2019-07-30Innovation under ambiguity and risk.Coiculescu, Gabriela; Izhakian, Yehuda (Yud); Ravid, S. Abraham; 0000-0002-5557-789X
2020-03Is everybody an expert? An investigation into the impact of professional versus user reviews on movie revenues.Ravid, S. Abraham; Basuroy, Samun; Gretz, Richard T.; Allen, B. J.; 0000-0002-5557-789X
2020-04Large investors’ portfolio composition and firms value.Ravid, S. Abraham; Sekerci, Naciye; 0000-0002-5557-789X
2020Large investors’ portfolios and firm valueRavid, S. Abraham; Sekerci, Naciye; 0000-0002-5557-789X
2024-04-03Research in the flagship Jewish universityRavid, S. Abraham; 0000-0002-5557-789X
2020-02Star Turnover and the Value of Human Capital—Evidence from Broadway Shows.Management Science.Ravid, S. Abraham; Han, Shu; 0000-0002-5557-789X; 0000-0002-3587-079X
1993-11Trade credit, quality guarantees, and product marketability.Ravid, S. Abraham; Long, Michael; Malitz, Illeen B.; 0000-0002-5557-789X
2019-10YU Ideas : Intellectual Property in the Digital AgeSchapiro, Moshe; Carmy, Shalom; Gross, Stephanie; Kosakoff, Wendy; Krautwirth, Rina; Ravid, S. Abraham; Waxman, Joshua; Schwimmer, Deena; Schiffman, Marlene; Feldman, Daniel; Glassman, Paul; Greenberg, Robert J.; Berger, Shulamith; Yeshiva University. Office of the Provost., /; Halpern, Stuart