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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-12-1310 Tips to Stop a Client in Denial from Derailing their CasePollack, Daniel; Reiter, Elisa; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2023-06-29Abusive or dangerous conduct may result in termination of parental rightsReiter, Elisa; Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2022-06-07Access to records can impact your caseReiter, Elisa; Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2021-08-31Afraid to immunize? Judges may view your reluctance sternlyPollack, Daniel; Reiter, Elisa; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2021-11-23Applying Federal Rules of Evidence to sexual abuse cases can be a nuanced undertakingPollack, Daniel; Reiter, Elisa; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2021-05-29April is child abuse awareness month – so is May, June …Reiter, Elisa; Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2023-03-07Are Fourth Amendment rights sufficiently protected whenCPS and DV cases are held virtually?Reiter, Elisa; Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2023-08-07Articulating the nuances of defendants’ right to self-representation in a criminal trialPollack, Daniel; Reiter, Elisa; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2023-10-16Attorneys as purveyors of peaceReiter, Elisa; Pollack, Daniel; Siegel, Jeffrey C.; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2022-05-18Attorneys May Suffer Consequences for Using Their Clients' Ill-Gotten EvidencePollack, Daniel; Reiter, Elisa; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2023-08-16Best practices: New Texas law mandates audiovisual recordings of child custody interviewsReiter, Elisa; Pollack, Daniel; Siegel, Jeffrey; 000-0001-7323-6928
2021-11-02Can ‘cruel treatment’ impact property division in divorce?Pollack, Daniel; Reiter, Elisa; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2022-01-18Children in psychiatric residential treatment facilities looking to courts to keep them in their communitiesReiter, Elisa; Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2021-04-16Children, parents, CPS and second medical opinions.Pollack, Daniel; Reiter, Elisa; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2022-07-07A Claim of Material Variance Fails in a Child Fatality CaseReiter, Elisa; Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2022-04-01Collaborative divorce has many advantages, but some disadvantages tooReiter, Elisa; Pollack, Daniel; 000-0001-7323-6928
2022-09-19Connecting the dots: Sexual grooming, unlawful restraint and false imprisonmentReiter, Elisa; Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2023-04-03Contrast in bills pending before the 88th Texas legislative sessionReiter, Elisa; Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2021-09-10Dealing with doomsday justice system colleagues and officialsPollack, Daniel; Reiter, Elisa; 0000-0001-7323-6928
2022-12-22A divorce pitfall: Covert or overt narcissists hiding in plain sightReiter, Elisa; Pollack, Daniel; 0000-0001-7323-6928