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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-12Ashkenazim, Sephardim and the Hannukah menorah: A study in cultural cross-transferenceSchacter, Jacob J.
2015The beginning of the flowering of our redemptionSchacter, Jacob J.
2018-02Can prayer be meaningful?: Feeling the presence of godSchacter, Jacob J.
2012Can we all get along?Schacter, Jacob J.
2020The challenges and blessings of the internet: Technology from an historical perspectiveSchacter, Jacob J.
2012Changing attitudes toward apostates in tosafist literature, late twelfth-early thirteenth centuriesKanarfogel, Ephraim; Carlebach, Elisheva; Schacter, Jacob J.; 0000-0002-7539-7802
2018-04-05The chaplain and the survivorsSchacter, Jacob J.
2018Commemorating the Holocaust: A historical and halakhic reviewSchacter, Jacob J.; Herring, Basil
2017-05-28Consent and coercion at SinaiSchacter, Jacob J.
1988Cultural receptivity vs. ethnic pride in early modern times: "Hakham Zevi" Hirsch Ashkenazi and Rabbi Jacob EmdenSchacter, Jacob J.; Hirschler, Gertrude
1977Dina de-malkhuta dina: A reviewSchacter, Jacob J.
2021The discipline of law and the subjectivity of spiritualitySchacter, Jacob J.
2018Editors' IntroductionSchacter, Jacob J.; Eleff, Zev
1998Facing the truths of historySchacter, Jacob J.
2012Foreward [to Majesty and Humility]Schacter, Jacob J.
2003Foreward [to Memories of a Giant]Schacter, Jacob J.; Bierman, Michael A.
2016Foreword [to Modern Orthodox Judaism: A documentary history]Schacter, Jacob J.; Eleff, Zev
2021The future of the past: On creating meaningful Jewish memories for our studentsSchacter, Jacob J.
2010Haazinu: Teshuvah, punishment and the leadership of MosheSchacter, Jacob J.; Feldman, Daniel Z.; Halpern, Stuart W.
2011Haftarah of Tishah Be-Av morning: Themes of destruction and exileSchacter, Jacob J.