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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-06-27Adherence to mobile health for migraine: Individual and app-based predictorsSeng, Elizabeth; Damush, Teresa; Metts, Christopher; Swencionis, Charles; Weinberger, Andrea; Snyder, Ivy
2018Cogniphobia in Migraine: Examination of the Construct Validity of the Cogniphobia Scale for Headache Disorders (CS-HD)Seng, Elizabeth; Klepper, Jaclyn E.
2021Cognitive and motor slowing mediate the relationship between depression and falls in multiple sclerosis patientsSeng, Elizabeth; Cohen, Jenna N.; Foley, Frederick W.; 0000-0002-8938-4949
2021-02The effects of perceived pain in the past month on prefrontal cortex activation patterns assessed during cognitive and motor performances in older adults.Holtzer, Roee; Pakray, Hannah; Izzetoglu, Meltem; Seng, Elizabeth; 0000-0001-6639-0724; 0000-0002-8938-4949 Elizabeth Seng
2020-08The impact of illness intrusiveness on the relationship between cognition and mood in multiple sclerosis.Foley, Fred; Seng, Elizabeth; Swencionis, Charles; Vissichio, Nicholas Andrew Jr
2022The Impact of Perceived Pain on Neural Efficiency During Walking in Older AdultsHoltzer, Roee; Foley, Frederick; Seng, Elizabeth; Darwazah, Hannah
2023-08Intermittent fasting as an alternative weight loss approachSwencionis, Charles; Seng, Elizabeth; Weinberger, Andrea H.; Lister, Amanda M.
2022-12-11Intuitive eating and dietary quality in women with disordered eating: Longitudinal analyses of a pilot web-based interventionSwencionis, Charles; Weinberger, Andrea; Seng, Elizabeth; Duncan, Jayne
2024-02-24Reconciling subjective and objective cognitive decline using the Biber figure learning testSeng, Elizabeth; Chapman, Silvia; Cosentino, Stephanie; Foley, Frederick W.; Hirky, Anne Elizabeth; Shagalow, Shaina
2022Relationship between headache characteristics and a remote history of TBI in veterans: A 10-year retrospective chart reviewCoffman, Colt; Reyes, Deborah. D; Hess, Mary Catherine; Giakas, Alec M.; Thiam, Melinda; Sico, Jason Jonathon; Seng, Elizabeth; Renthal, William; Rhoades, Charles; Cai, Guoshuai; Androulakis, X.; 0000-0002-8938-4949
2022-01The Role of E-cigarette Use in Smoking Cessation and E-cigarette DependenceWeinberger, Andrea; Swencionis, Charles; Seng, Elizabeth; Foley, Frederick; Feldman, Jonathan; Estey, David