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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07Assessing evidence-based medicine and opioid/barbiturate as first-line acute treatment of pediatric migraine and primary headache: A retrospective observational study of health systems dataSeng, Elizabeth K.; Gelfand, Amy A.; Nicholson, Robert A; 0000-0002-8938-4949
2022Characteristics and gender differences of headache in the Veterans Health Administration: A national cohort studySeng, Elizabeth K.; Sico, J. J.; Wang, K.; Skanderson, M.; Schindler, Emmanuelle A.D.; Ney, John P.; Lorenze, N.; Kimber, N.; Lindsey, H.; Grinberg, A.; Kuruvilla, D.; Higgins, D.; Graham, D. J.; Sandbrink, F.; Scholten, J.; Shapiro, R. E.; Lipton, R. B.; Fenton, R. B.; 0000-0002-8938-4949
2022Cogniphobia and neuropsychological functioning in migraineKlepper, Jaclyn E.; Sebrow, Laura; Rosen, Noah L.; Seng, Elizabeth K.; 0000-0002-8938-4949
2021-08Cognitive Performance in People with Type 2 Diabetes and Comorbid DepressionGonzalez, Jeffrey; Nakhutina, Luba; Seng, Elizabeth K.; Foley, Fredrick; Weinberger, Andrea; Sears, Malki Z.
2021-06A culturally sensitive approach to obesity for Spanish speakers in Latin America, Spain, and the United States using Noom: A behavioral lifestyle interventionSwencionis, Charles; Michaelides, Andreas; Seng, Elizabeth K.; DeLuca, Laura
2017Daily Perceived Stress and Sleep Duration in Chronic and Episodic MigraineSeng, Elizabeth K.; Sciullo, Annalisa F.
2022-07Daily Self-Reported Sleep Quality and Medication Adherence Among Adults with Type 2 Diabetes: An Ecological Momentary Assessment ApproachGonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Seng, Elizabeth K.; Weinberger, Andrea H.; Solon, Carly A.
2019-10Does mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for migraine reduce migraine-related disability in people with episodic and chronic migraine? A phase 2b pilot randomized clinical trial.Seng, Elizabeth K.; Singer, Alexandra B.; Metts, Christopher; Grinberg, Amy S.; Patel, Zarine S.; Marzouk, Maya; Rosenberg, Lauren; Day, Melissa; Minen, Mia T.; Lipton, Richard B.; Buse, Dawn C.; 0000-0002-8938-4949
2021Eleven things to facilitate participation of underrepresented groups in headache medicine research.Seng, Elizabeth K.; de Dhaem, Olivia Begasse; Kiarashi, Jessica; Armand, Cynthia E.; Charleston, Larry; Szperka, Christina L.; Lee, Yeonsoo S.; Rajapakse, Thilinie; VanderPluym, Juliana H.; Starling, Amaal J.; 0000-0002-8938-4949
2022Essential components of care in a multidisciplinary headache center: Perspectives from headache neurology specialists.Goldman, RE; Damush, TM; Kuruvilla, DE; Lindsey, H; Baird, S; Riley, S; Burrone, Bs L; Grinberg, AS; Seng, Elizabeth K.; Fenton, BT; Sico, JJ; 0000-0002-8938-4949
2022-01Falls, mood, and driving safety in multiple sclerosisFoley, Frederick W; Seng, Elizabeth K.; Holtzer, Roee; Cohen, Jenna
2021-08The Family Impact of Pediatric MigraineSeng, Elizabeth K.; Gelfand, Amy; Wadkins, Melanie; Marzouk, Maya Anette
2022Frequency, demographics, comorbidities, and health care utilization by veterans with migraine: A VA nationwide cohort studySeng, Elizabeth K.; Fenton, Brenda T.; Wang, Kaicheng; Lipton, Richard B.; Ney, John; Damush, Teresa; Grinberg, Amy S.; Skanderson, Melissa; Sico, Jason J.; 0000-0002-8938-4949
2022-04The Impact of Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) in Type 2 Diabetes: Examining study engagement, self-efficacy, self-management and emotional well-beingGonzalez, Jeffrey S; Seng, Elizabeth K.; Foley, Frederick W.; Weinberger, Andrea H .; Jonas, Victoria H.
2020-12Injustice, quality of life, and psychiatric symptoms in people with migraine.Seng, Elizabeth K.; Foley, Frederick; Hirky, Anne Elizabeth; Parker, Amanda
2021Introduction of a smartphone based behavioral intervention for migraine in the emergency departmentMinen, Mia T.; Friedman, Benjamin W.; Adhikari, Samrachana; Corner, Sarah; Powers, Scott W.; Grudzen, Corita; Seng, Elizabeth K.; Lipton, Richard B.; 0000-0002-8938-4949
2022Lifestyle factors and migraineSeng, Elizabeth K.; Martin, Paul R.; Houle, Timothy T.; 0000-0002-8938-4949
2020-10Mindfulness and Migraine: Exploring the Daily Use of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy for MigraineSeng, Elizabeth K.; Pavlovic, Jelena; Wells, Rebecca E.; Rosenberg, Lauren
2020-08Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Self-Efficacy in People with Migraine.Seng, Elizabeth K.; Feldman, Jonathan; Hirky, Anne Elizabeth; Weinberger, Andrea; Swencionis, Charles; Butler, Nicole
2024-02-29Perceived ethnic discrimination and cigarette smoking cessation among a sample of people with HIVWeinberger, Andrea H.; Seng, Elizabeth K.; Shute, Jonathan; Foley, Frederick W.; Feldman, Jonathan M.; Agterberg, Silvana Jones