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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-17The Art & Letters of Repentance — The Most Famous Artistic Image of Yom Kippur: Maurycy Gottlieb's Meditation on the Machzor and MortalitySoloveichik, Meir
2022-09ARTS1076H: Rashi and Rembrandt: Art as Commentary in Early Modern AmsterdamWisse, Jacob; Soloveichik, Meir
2021-01The common cause of religious AmericansSoloveichik, Meir
2020-10-09A former Catholic dances with the Torah.Soloveichik, Meir
2013-10-22God Delivered the Pilgrims—and My PeopleSoloveichik, Meir
2013-11God’s Providence and the United States A Thanksgiving Reader on Judaism, Thanksgiving and the American Idea.Soloveichik, Meir
2013-11-13God’s Providence and the United States: A Thanksgiving Reader on Judaism and the American IdeaSoloveichik, Meir
2021-02Israel's vaccine triumphSoloveichik, Meir
2021-03The Jew Who Ran AwaySoloveichik, Meir
2020-10-11Leave Judge Barrett’s faith out of this.Soloveichik, Meir
2021-02Lincoln's almost Chosen PeopleSoloveichik, Meir
2021-05-12Loss, Discovery, and a Lost Discovery in "Reading Ruth"Halkin, Hillel; Soloveichik, Meir
2022-08PHI4932 Seminar: The Epistemology of JudaismSoloveichik, Meir; Johnson, David A.
2020-03-08Queen Esther, a hero of our time.Soloveichik, Meir
2020-11-13What gentiles can learn from Lord SacksSoloveichik, Meir
2020-02-15What the Bible Taught Lincoln About AmericaSoloveichik, Meir
2015-04-20When Lincoln died on PassoverSoloveichik, Meir
2021-03-22Which Wines to Drink at the Seder This Year, and WhySoloveichik, Meir