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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009A-coloring Consonants and Furtive Pataḥ in Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic According to the Tiberian MasorahSteiner, Richard; Sivan, Daniel; Talshir, David; Qimron, Elisha.; Sivan, Daniel.; Cohen, Chaim, 1947-
2001Albounout "Frankincense" and Alsounalph "Oxtongue": Phoenician-Punic Botanical Terms with Prothetic Vowels from an Egyptian Papyrus and a Byzantine CodexSteiner, Richard
1997Ancient HebrewSteiner, Richard; Hetzron, Robert
1997The ‘Aramean’ of Deuteronomy 26:5: Peshat and DerashSteiner, Richard; Cogan, Mordechai; Eichler, Barry L.; Tigay, Jeffrey H.
1998Bittě-Yâ, daughter of Pharaoh (1 Chr 4,18), and Bint(i)-ʿAnat, daughter of Ramesses IISteiner, Richard
2007The Byzantine Biblical Commentaries from the Genizah: Rabbanite vs. KaraiteSteiner, Richard; Bar-Asher, Moshe
1992A Colloquialism in Jer. 5:13 from the Ancestor of Mishnaic HebrewSteiner, Richard
2020-10Contradictions, Culture Gaps, and Narrative Gaps in the Joseph StorySteiner, Richard
2000Does the Biblical Hebrew Conjunction -ו Have Many Meanings, One Meaning, or No Meaning at All?Steiner, Richard
1993Emphatic פ in the Masoretic Pronunciation of אַפַּדְֿנוֹ [Dan 11:45]Steiner, Richard
1995-04The Heading of the Book of the Words of Noah on a Fragment of the Genesis Apocryphon: New Light on a 'Lost' WorkSteiner, Richard
1992Hebrew: Ancient HebrewSteiner, Richard
2020The History of the Ancient Hebrew Modal System and Labov’s Rule of Compensatory Structural ChangeSteiner, Richard
2021Hydrogen Sulfide: New Light on Ancient Malodors, Biblical Toponyms, and Comparative Semitic from a Medieval ScrollSteiner, Richard
2011Ḫ > Ḥ in Assyria and BabyloniaSteiner, Richard; Frame, Grant
2004-10A Jewish Aramaic (Or Hebrew) 'Laissez‐Passer' from the Egyptian Port of BerenikeSteiner, Richard
1996Ketiv-Ḳere or Polyphony: The שׂ-שׁ Distinction According to the Masoretes, the Rabbis, Jerome, Qirqisānī, and Hai GaoSteiner, Richard; Bar-Asher, Moshe
2016The Lachish Ewer: An Offering and a TributeSteiner, Richard
2011“The ‘Lemma Complement’ in Hebrew Commentaries from Byzantium and Its Diffusion to Northern France and GermanySteiner, Richard
1995Linguistic Aspects of the Commentary to Ezekiel and the Minor Prophets in the Hebrew Scrolls from ByzantiumSteiner, Richard