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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Acculturation, acculturative stress, and outcomes in an Asthma-PD Latine sampleSwencionis, Charles; Feldman, Jonathan M.; Gonzalez, Jeffrey; Interian, Alejandro; Steinberg, Dara; Castaño, Katerina
2023-06-27Adherence to mobile health for migraine: Individual and app-based predictorsSeng, Elizabeth; Damush, Teresa; Metts, Christopher; Swencionis, Charles; Weinberger, Andrea; Snyder, Ivy
2021-07Alcohol use and self-control in adults living with HIVShuter, Jonathan; Coletti, Daniel J.; Foley, Frederick W.; Swencionis, Charles; Kashan, Rachel
2020-08Beliefs about Diabetes Medicine: Relationships with Patient-Related Factors, Illness-Related Factors and Medication Adherence Among Adults with Type 2 DiabetesGonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Phillips, Alison; Walker, Elizabeth; Feldman, Jonathan; Swencionis, Charles; Asman, Arielle
2023Contrast sensitivity and clinical high risk for psychosis: A psychophysical investigationZemon, Vance; Pamela, Butler; Herrera, Shaynna; Gordon, James; Swencionis, Charles; Ifrah, Chloe
2021-06A culturally sensitive approach to obesity for Spanish speakers in Latin America, Spain, and the United States using Noom: A behavioral lifestyle interventionSwencionis, Charles; Michaelides, Andreas; Seng, Elizabeth K.; DeLuca, Laura
2019-09Development and Validation of the Incapacity Status Scale—Revised: a Novel, Multi-Dimensional Patient-Reported Measure of Disability in Multiple Sclerosis.Foley, Frederick W.; Zemon, Vance; Swencionis, Charles; Portnoy, Jeffrey Glenn; Klein
2021-09Electrophysiological and psychophysical assessment of visual contrast sensitivity in humansZemon, Vance; Swencionis, Charles; Alam, Nazia; Mooney, Scott; Prusky, Glen; Root, Renee Migliaccio
2018Experiential Avoidance and Disordered Eating PathologySwencionis, Charles; Wischenka, Danielle M
2017Fitspiration, the New Thinspiration?: The Impact of Viewing Fit-Ideal Media on Female Body DissatisfactionSwencionis, Charles; Singer, Alyssa
2020-08The impact of illness intrusiveness on the relationship between cognition and mood in multiple sclerosis.Foley, Fred; Seng, Elizabeth; Swencionis, Charles; Vissichio, Nicholas Andrew Jr
2023-08Intermittent fasting as an alternative weight loss approachSwencionis, Charles; Seng, Elizabeth; Weinberger, Andrea H.; Lister, Amanda M.
2022-06Internalized HIV/AIDS stigma and alcohol use in a sample of adults living with HIV/AIDS in the BronxWeinberger, Andrea H.; Moadel-Robblee, Alyson; Swencionis, Charles; Hirky, Anne E.; Shuter, Jonathan; Gittleman, Jennifer
2022-12-11Intuitive eating and dietary quality in women with disordered eating: Longitudinal analyses of a pilot web-based interventionSwencionis, Charles; Weinberger, Andrea; Seng, Elizabeth; Duncan, Jayne
2020-08Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Self-Efficacy in People with Migraine.Seng, Elizabeth K.; Feldman, Jonathan; Hirky, Anne Elizabeth; Weinberger, Andrea; Swencionis, Charles; Butler, Nicole
2023-04Obesity and the moderating role of caregiver asthma-related illness representations and anxiety on asthma outcomes in Black and Latinx youthFeldman, Jonathan M.; Weinberger, Andrea H.; Gonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Swencionis, Charles; Rastogi, Deepa; DiCicco-Bloom, Jared
2011Predictors of Suicidal Ideation in Multiple SclerosisFoley, Fred; Zemon, Vance; Swencionis, Charles; Katz, Leah M.
2022-01The Role of E-cigarette Use in Smoking Cessation and E-cigarette DependenceWeinberger, Andrea; Swencionis, Charles; Seng, Elizabeth; Foley, Frederick; Feldman, Jonathan; Estey, David
2023-06-04Validating the burden of psychiatric illness scale (BPIS): A measure of the self-perceived impact of psychiatric illness on psychosocial functioning and of stress related to managing psychiatric illnessWeinberger, Andrea H.; Shpigel, Danielle M.; Swencionis, Charles; Friedman, Joseph
2022-05Vascular co-morbidities, race, and executive function in multiple sclerosisFoley, Fred; Holtzer, Roee; Weinberger, Andrea; Zemon, Vance; Swencionis, Charles; Najjar, Amanda