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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-06-27Adherence to mobile health for migraine: Individual and app-based predictorsSeng, Elizabeth; Damush, Teresa; Metts, Christopher; Swencionis, Charles; Weinberger, Andrea; Snyder, Ivy
2022-05Affective and Physical Symptom Experiences in Type 2 Diabetes: An Evaluation of Bidirectionality using Ecological Momentary Assessment and Qualitative AnalysisGonzalez, Jeffrey S; Seng, Betsy; Weinberger, Andrea; Hillman, Bari; Crandall, Jill; Fishman, Sarah R.
2021-05The Associations of Apathy with Gait Velocity and Prefrontal Cortex Oxygenation Assessed During Active Walking in Healthy Older AdultsHoltzer, Roee; Foley, Frederick W.; Weinberger, Andrea; Masur, David M.; Facchini, Ronda L.; Lee, Jennifer
2021-08Cognitive Performance in People with Type 2 Diabetes and Comorbid DepressionGonzalez, Jeffrey; Nakhutina, Luba; Seng, Elizabeth K.; Foley, Fredrick; Weinberger, Andrea; Sears, Malki Z.
2023-01Early dieting related to disordered eating and weight loss in a behavioral weight loss interventionSwendionis, Charles; Wylie-Rosett, Judith; Weinberger, Andrea; Insull, Astrid Marcus
2021The Impact of Music Making on Dual-Task Performance in Healthy Older AdultsHoltzer, Roee; Hirky, Anne E; Weinberger, Andrea; Jacobs, Sydney
2022-12-11Intuitive eating and dietary quality in women with disordered eating: Longitudinal analyses of a pilot web-based interventionSwencionis, Charles; Weinberger, Andrea; Seng, Elizabeth; Duncan, Jayne
2022-11Longitudinal associations between balance confidence and cognitive performance in community-residing older adultsHoltzer, Roee; Weinberger, Andrea; Feldman, Jonathan M.; Foley, Frederick; Cole, Jeffrey; Kominsky, Rebecca Kraut
2020-06Maternal depressive symptoms, asthma management self-efficacy, patient-healthcare provider relationship, and asthma management in childrenFeldman, Jonathan; Gonzalez, Jeffrey; Weinberger, Andrea; Salton, William; Matte, Lynne; Zeigler, Ariel
2020-08Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Self-Efficacy in People with Migraine.Seng, Elizabeth K.; Feldman, Jonathan; Hirky, Anne Elizabeth; Weinberger, Andrea; Swencionis, Charles; Butler, Nicole
2021-06Openness to experience and activity engagement: Protective factors against longitudinal decline in attention/executive functions and verbal memory in older adultsHoltzer, Roee; Weinberger, Andrea; Foley, Frederick; Mercuri, Giulia
2023-08The relationship between acculturation and healthcare provider relationship on pediatric asthma outcomes among Latinx childrenFeldman, Jonathan; Arcoleo, Kimberly; Hillman, Barri; Spray, Amanda; Weinberger, Andrea; Starr, Sheena
2019-12The relationship between body mass index, asthma symptom report, ethnicity, and asthma-related outcomes in childhood asthmaFeldman, Jonathan; Weinberger, Andrea; Areoleo, Kimberly; Rastogi, Deepa; Morales-Raveendran, Esperanza; Salton, William
2022-01The Role of E-cigarette Use in Smoking Cessation and E-cigarette DependenceWeinberger, Andrea; Swencionis, Charles; Seng, Elizabeth; Foley, Frederick; Feldman, Jonathan; Estey, David
2022-05Vascular co-morbidities, race, and executive function in multiple sclerosisFoley, Fred; Holtzer, Roee; Weinberger, Andrea; Zemon, Vance; Swencionis, Charles; Najjar, Amanda