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-Assessing sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and mental health concerns in tobacco use disorder treatment research: Measurement challenges and recommendations from a society for research on nicotine and tobacco pre-conference workshop.Weinberger, Andrea H.; Steinberg, M. L.,; Mills, S. D.,; Dermody, S. S.; Heffner, J. L.; Kong, A. Y.; Pang, R. D.; Rosen, R.; 0000-0002-7065-1349
2021Changes in alcohol use by cannabis use status among adolescents and young adults in the United States: Emerging evidence for both substitution and complementarityWeinberger, Andrea H.; Zhu, Jiaqi; Levin, Jacob; Moeller, Scott J.; McKee, Sherry A.; Goodwin, Renee D.; 0000-0002-7065-1349
2021Cigarette use and cannabis use disorder onset, persistence, and relapse: Longitudinal data from a representative sample of us adults.Weinberger, Andrea H.; Platt, Jonathan; Zhu, Jiaqi; Levin, Jacob; Ganz, Ollie; Goodwin, Renee D.
2022-07Daily Self-Reported Sleep Quality and Medication Adherence Among Adults with Type 2 Diabetes: An Ecological Momentary Assessment ApproachGonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Seng, Elizabeth K.; Weinberger, Andrea H.; Solon, Carly A.
2022-01A difference-indifference approach to examining the impact of cannabis legalization on disparities in the use of cigarettes and cannabis in the United States, 2004-17Weinberger, Andrea H.; Wyka, Katarzyna; Kim, June H.; Smart, Rosanna; Mangold, Michael; Schanzer, Ellen; Wu, Melody; Goodwin, Renee D.; 0000-0002-7065-1349
2023-08Intermittent fasting as an alternative weight loss approachSwencionis, Charles; Seng, Elizabeth; Weinberger, Andrea H.; Lister, Amanda M.
2022-06Internalized HIV/AIDS stigma and alcohol use in a sample of adults living with HIV/AIDS in the BronxWeinberger, Andrea H.; Moadel-Robblee, Alyson; Swencionis, Charles; Hirky, Anne E.; Shuter, Jonathan; Gittleman, Jennifer
-Intersectionality of serious psychological distress, cigarette smoking, and substance use disorders in the United States: 2008–2018.Parker, Maria A.; Cordoba-Grueso, Whitney S.; Streck, Joanna M.; Goodwin, Renee D.; Weinberger, Andrea H.; 0000-0001-5502-1376
2023-06Neurocognitive, motor, and social abilities in autism spectrum disorder: An EEG mobile brain-body imaging studyWeinberger, Andrea H.; De Sanctis, Pierfilippo; Lee, Christine J.; Molholm, Sophie; Zemon, Vance; Cruz, Lisa
2021-06-03A novel smoking-specific selfcontrol task: An initial study of feasibility, acceptability, and changes in self-control and cigarette smoking behaviors among adults using cigaretteWeinberger, Andrea H.; Pang, Raina D.; Ferrer, Michelle.; Kashan, Rachel S; Estey, David R.; Segal, Kate S.; Esan, Hannah; 0000-0001-2205-1376
2023-04Obesity and the moderating role of caregiver asthma-related illness representations and anxiety on asthma outcomes in Black and Latinx youthFeldman, Jonathan M.; Weinberger, Andrea H.; Gonzalez, Jeffrey S.; Swencionis, Charles; Rastogi, Deepa; DiCicco-Bloom, Jared
2024-02-29Perceived ethnic discrimination and cigarette smoking cessation among a sample of people with HIVWeinberger, Andrea H.; Seng, Elizabeth K.; Shute, Jonathan; Foley, Frederick W.; Feldman, Jonathan M.; Agterberg, Silvana Jones
2019-08The relationship between internalized HIV/AIDS stigma and smoking behaviors in people living with HIV/AIDSWeinberger, Andrea H.; Seng, Elizabeth K.; Shuter, Jonathan; Foley, Fredrick W.; Moadel-Robblee, Alyson; Segal, Kate Schoenbaum
2018The Relationship Between Psychosocial Stressors and Cigarette Smoking Among Latino/a and African American Adults with Psychiatric IllnessWeinberger, Andrea H.; Shpigel, Danielle Miri
2021Trends in cannabis use among adults with children in the home in the United States, 2004–2017: Impact of state-level legalization for recreational and medical use.Goodwin, Renee D.; Kim, June H.; Cheslack-Postava, Keely; Weinberger, Andrea H.; Wu, Melody; Wyka, Katarzyna; Kattan, Meyer; 0000-0001-5502-1376
2023-06-04Validating the burden of psychiatric illness scale (BPIS): A measure of the self-perceived impact of psychiatric illness on psychosocial functioning and of stress related to managing psychiatric illnessWeinberger, Andrea H.; Shpigel, Danielle M.; Swencionis, Charles; Friedman, Joseph