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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The Clarion: Fall 2020Zaitseva, Maria; Raskin, Yonatan; Samouha, Avishai; Sieva, Jason; Kohn, Elisheva; Lemel, Yosef; Bell, Avery; Zwickler, Levi; Raskin, Yonatan; Pollack, Ashira; Viezel, Tsiona; MelceR, Rafi
2022-05The Decline of the Political Offense Exception in a Globalized WorldZaitseva, Maria; Auerbach, Adam D.
2024-01Gorsuch vs. Barrett: Whose interpretation of the major question doctrine is superior and why is it important?Zaitseva, Maria; Kahan, Ariel
2021-01POL 1305: American Foreign PolicyZaitseva, Maria; 0000-0002-5865-589X
2022-01POLI 1305: American Foreign PolicyZaitseva, Maria; 0000-0002-5865-589X
2021-01POLI 2392-L WMDs: Old Challenges and New ProblemsZaitseva, Maria
2023Public pressure in the NFL and Congress: An oppressive motivator of unjust outcomesZaitseva, Maria; Northman, Marshall A.
2022-05The Right to Repair Electronics: Do you Own the Devices you Buy?Zaitseva, Maria; Bodek, Seth
2023“Speaking in the name of Torah”: How Orthodox rabbis address racism and homosexuality in sermons, speches, and public statementsZaitseva, Maria; Harcsztark, Abraham D.
2019-05The U.S. and India: Building New Bridges Towards a Special Relationship.Zaitseva, Maria; Gelman, Samuel Menachem
2022-02-28Ukraine Under Attack: The Unfolding Situation in Ukraine [Roundtable] [video]0000-0001-6796-489X; 0000-0002-5865-589X; Berman, Ari; Zimmerman, Joshua; Pilnik, Shay; Karlip, Joshua; Zaitseva, Maria; Olson, Jess; Shvetsov, Dina
2022-09Were the Federal Courts Biased Against Trump? An Analysis of the Trump Administration’s Failure through the CourtsZaitseva, Maria; Chill, Jonah