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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-05-28Qualitative Properties for Positive Solutions of Nonlocal EquationsGidea, Marian; Chen, Wenxiong; Marini, Antonella; Hu, Yunyun
2020-07Gravitational and electrostatic potential fields and dynamics of non-spherical systemsGidea, Marian; Zypman, Fredy; Lam, Wai-Ting
2020-07-16Biblical & Chinese Ecological Values (Chinese Jewish Conversation)Bettencourt, Michael
2020-05-06Prof. Mordechai Cohen: biblical concept of shemittaCohen, Mordechai Z.;
2023Presbyphagia versus dysphagia normal versus abnormal swallowing symptoms in older adults with Parkinson disease and multiple sclerosisBarrera, Marissa A.; O'Connor Wells, B.; 0000-0001-7410-9955
2023-05-11Proceedings from the Katz School’s 2023 Symposium on Science, Technology and HealthBarrera, Marissa; Binioris, Sofia; Khan, Rana; Waldman-Levi, Amiya; 0000-0001-7410-9955
2023Katz School of Science and Health: Online Newsletter: Fall 2023Russo, Paul
2022Proceedings from the Katz School’s 2022 Symposium on Science, Technology and Health  New York City I May 12, 2022Narayanamoorthy, Mukilan; Cohen, Benjamin; Khalid, Anam; Goykadosh, Benjamin; Kraitberg, Hannah; Mendler, Tomer; Wang, Jingyuan; Zhang, Panxinyue; Zhen, Linyu; Taub, Jonathan E.; anda, Manveet Singh N; Tariq, Shanza Baseer; Suckiel, Kevin; Livian, Brian; Ramlakhan, Atreish V.; Singh, Aishwarya; Firmin, Marsha; Rosman, Morgan; Binioris, Sofia; Waldman-Levi, Amiya
2022A Hard Pill to SwallowBarrera, Marissa A.; O’Connor Wells, B.; O’Connor Wells, B.; Procaro, C. K.; 0000-0001-7410-9955
2021-11-21Utilization of 3D printed orthoses for musculoskeletal conditions of the upper extremity: A systematic review.Schwartz, Deborah A.; Schofield, Katherine A.