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dc.contributor.authorPhair, Donna
dc.identifier.citationSource: Dissertation Abstracts International, Volume: 70-11, Section: B, page: 7196.;Advisors: Charles Swencionis.
dc.description.abstractThis study explored the relationship and impact of a stress response on the psychological state and hormonal changes in obese females with Night Eating Syndrome (NES), and Binge Eating Disorder (BED). The data for this paper was extrapolated from grant funded BED study. Subjects . Participants consisted of 50 obese (BM1 36.5M +/- 5.9SD), females (33.2 +/- 8.8y.o.) recruited from the general community. Methods. Obese females were recruited for a NES-BED cortisol study. Participants were required to complete psychological surveys, physical exam, MRI, and were involved in two-procedure days of both a Cold Pressor Stress Test (CPT) or a Warm Pressor Test (WPT). Blood samples were drawn at various time periods from an IV that had been inserted into the individuals arm. The blood was assayed for cortisol, leptin, ghrelin, insulin and glucose. Results. NES individuals scored significantly higher on the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) (p=.001) and on a Depression scale (p=.01) when compared to nonNES individuals. When NES and BED were contrasted, the groups had similar scores on the psychological scales. During the CPT, cortisol levels were significantly elevated at +15 minutes for NES individuals (p=.02) as compared to Controls and BED. There was a significant trend for elevated leptin levels amongst BED at +30minutes (p=.08) and at +45minutes (p=.09) as compared to Controls and NES. Discussion. In this study, NES was positively associated with higher PSS and Depression, and elevated cortisol in response to a stressor. BED was positively associated with Depression and elevated leptin. The implications of our study further the premise that stress and cortisol underlie the mechanism of NES.
dc.publisherProQuest Dissertations & Theses
dc.subjectBehavioral psychology.
dc.subjectPhysiological psychology.
dc.titleNight eating syndrome, binge eating disorder and cortisol response

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