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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11-15Are We Doing Better? The Implications of Race, Sex, and Geographic Factors Associated with Sentence Length for Marijuana ChargesAuerbach, Charles; Pilkay, Stephanie; Beckerman, Nancy; Thomas, Tory
2022-08Attachment theory as a lens for examining the school avoidant studentGlassman, Ronnie; Auerbach, Charles; Skolnik, Sari; Bell, Andrew; Mandell, Monica Lisa
2021-04Child welfare worker intent to leave: Examining the impacts of individual factors and workers’ perceptions of organizational cultural competence.Auerbach, Charles; Abbott, Ann; Solomon, Anna; Robins, Paris
2022-03-11Compassion Satisfaction, Compassion Fatigue and Resiliency FactorsBeckerman, Nancy; Auerbach, Charles; Cuesta, George; Pollock, Jamall
2020-06Detecting child abuse: A phenomenological exploration of the collaboration between NYPD patrol officers with child protective services workers.Beckerman, Nancy; Auerbach, Charles; Glassman, Ronnie; Claiborne, Nancy; Lamberty, Edna Milagros
2023-05-02Examining life satisfaction of adults with visual impairments: A social and ecological perspective of disabilityMason, Susan E.; Auerbach, Charles; Rosenberg, Joan; Abbott, Ann A.; Kunstek, Mirko
2019-04Factors predicating loss to follow-up with rescreening in early hearing detection and intervention programsZeitlin, Wendy; Auerbach, Charles; Mason, Susan; Spivak, Lynn; Erdman, Andrew
2022-05-09Individual and Communal Perspectives on Suicide in the Hasidic community of Borough Park: Risk Factors, Protective Factors and ResourcesAuerbach, Charles; Pilkay, Stefanie; Pollack, Daniel; Halevy, Devorah L.
2023-02-13MSW child welfare faculty attitudes, perceptions and knowledge of pediatric dental neglectAuerbach, Charles; Pollack, Daniel; Vyshedsky, Christine; Discepolo, Keri; Goldman, Katheryn
2023-09-21Perspectives of juvenile justice professionals on factors impacting recidivism of crossover youth of color in the United States.Vyshedsky, Christine; Auerbach, Charles; Crawford, Marcus; Adams, Deion Ryon
2021-05Predicting and Addressing Factors of Childhood ObesityAuerbach, Charles; Glassman, Urania; Milham, Michael; Sebbag, Daniel A.
2023-09-21The resilience of Ethiopian children: The role of psychosocial competences in mediating the relationships between risk factors and developmental outcomesMorrissey, Mary E.; Auerbach, Charles; Claiborne, Nancy; Takele, Zelalem Befekadu
2021-04-19The school social worker as leader: Are master’s students prepared to take leadership roles in their future schools?Auerbach, Charles; Vyshedsky, Christine; Claiborne, Nancy; Mason, Susan
2022-08Social Workers’ Knowledge of The Psychological Impact of The Aftermath of Human Trafficking: A Grounded Theory ApproachBeckerman, Nancy; Lane, Shannon; Auerbach, Charles; Crawford, Marcus; Murray, Lakeia
2021SWK6401 Social Work Practice and EvaluationAuerbach, Charles
2021-08SWK6402 Applied Methods in Social Work ResearchAuerbach, Charles
2020-05Uncovering Adolescent Shame in the Therapeutic RelationshipBeckerman, Nancy; Glassman, Ronnie; Auerbach, Charles; Katch, Michael; Sheer, Josselyn
2024-02-29Workforce development issues in the field of addictions: A study of factors that impact retention with addiction professionals in New York StateConley, Timothy; Morrisey, Mary Beth; Auerbach, Charles; Aristy, Kristy