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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Book review of 'Gothic: An illustrated history', by Roger LuckhurstGlassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2022Breuer’s Bohemia: The Architect, His Circle, and Midcentury Houses in New England [Review of the book by J. Crump]Glassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2014Creating Effective Research Assignments: Helping Students Solve Information ProblemsGlassman, Paul; Shea, Gerard
2021-06The elements of architecture: Understanding contemporary buildings. [Review of the book by A. Radford]Glassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2017Governance and Administration of the Art and Design LibraryGlassman, Paul
2021Kengo Kuma: My life as an architect in TokyoGlassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2014Library Renovation: Dos and Don'ts: How to Create Functional, Flexible, and Forgiving Library SpacesGlassman, Paul
2017Marketing Plans Made SimpleGlassman, Paul
2022Master of the Midcentury: The Architecture of William F. Cody [Review of the book by C. Cody, J. Lauria, & D. Choi]Glassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2020-09Modern architecture and climate: Design before air conditioning. [Review of the book by D. Barber]Glassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2019-10-10Open educational resources: Should knowledge be free?Glassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2022The other modern movement: ArchitectureGlassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2019Review of "Gio Ponti" Archi Desginer", by Silvia BignamiGlassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2019Review of "Single-handedly: How contemporary architects draw by hand", by Natalina MosesGlassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2019Review of "White houses", by Philip JodidioGlassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2020-02-01Review of the book "Broken glass: Mies van der Rohe, Edith Farnsworth, and the fight over a modernist masterpiece", by Alex BeameGlassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2019-04Review of the book "Gropius: The man who built the Bauhaus", by Fiona MaccarthyGlassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2020Sean Godsell: Houses. [Review of the book by S. Godsell]Glassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2020-06This is what democracy looked like: A visual history of the printed ballot. [Review of the book by A.Y. Cheng].Glassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266
2020-04Thomas Jefferson, architect: Palladian models, democratic principles, and the conflict of ideals. [Review of the book by L. DeWitt].Glassman, Paul; 0000-0003-3879-0266