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Title: Governance and Administration of the Art and Design Library
Authors: Glassman, Paul
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: London: Facet Publishing
Citation: Glassman, P. & Dyki, J. (2017). The Handbook of Art and Design Librarianship. London: Facet Publishing.
Abstract: Whether supervising a professional library with support staff members or acting as solo librarian in a oneperson library, the library manager will benefit from basic administrative tools. Starting with questions about parent organization's governance structure, this chapter will recommend essential administrative and managerial tools for the art and design library: the mission statement; longrange or strategic planning; shorter-range annual plans (known also as operating or business plans); fundamentals of administration; promotion and advocacy; financial support; management of materials (the library’s nonpersonnel assets), including electronic resources; performance appraisal; and accreditation.
ISBN: 9781783302024
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