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Title: The 'Taz' and its author: A study of the life and work of Rabbi David Halevi, author of the 'Turei Zahav'
Authors: Rosenbloom, Noah H.
Keywords: Religion.
David ben Samuel, ha-Levi, approximately 1586-1667. Ṭure zahav.
Rabbis --Poland --Biography.
Jewish scholars --Poland --Biography.
Jewish law --History.
Dissertations, D.H.L. (B.R.G.S.)
Issue Date: 1949
Publisher: ProQuest Dissertations & Theses
Rosenbloom, N. H. (1949). The 'Taz' and its author: A study of the life and work of Rabbi David Halevi, author of the 'Turei Zahav' (Publication No. 301853222) [Doctoral dissertation, Yeshiva University]. PDTG ===================== Source: American Doctoral Dissertations, Volume: W1-, Section: C, page: 1000.
Abstract: The Seventeenth Century was one of the most cataclysmic centuries in the history of the Jewish community of Poland. The Chmielnioki Rebellion erupted like a dormant volcano and threatened the very foundations of Polish Jewry.¶ On the threshold of this eventful century, R. David Halevi appeared. Unable to stem the gushing lava of barbarism that seemed to engulf his brethren, he decided to rescue the latter from social and religious disintegration. Laboring patiently, persistently and systematically over his commentary Turei Zahav on the Shulhan Aruch, he endeavored to enhance the authority and prestige of the latter and contributed greatly to make it the Standard Code of Israel.¶ Aided by the Commentary of R. David, the Shulhan Aruch shone forward as a beacon of light to the remnants of devastated Polish Jewry emerging from the ruins of the Chmielnicki pogroms. It shed light in the esoteric confusion caused by the Pseudo—Messianic movement of Sabbatai Zvi and pointed for future generations, to a perplexed mankind, the straight path to God~s Holy Mountain.
ISBN: 9781082620621
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