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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-02Can prayer be meaningful?: Feeling the presence of godSchacter, Jacob J.
2012Can we all get along?Schacter, Jacob J.
2010Cannon fire over Sarajevo and sin in Ansbach: A passage from rabbi Jacob Emden’s 18th century memoirSchacter, Jacob J. (Transl.); Emden, Jacob, 1697-1776.
2003Capital punishmentKanarfogel, Ephraim; Roth, Norman; 0000-0002-7539-7802
2008The career of a neo-Babylonian court scribe.Holtz, Shalom E
2009The case for adversarial yahad.Holtz, Shalom E
1977The Case for Fricative-Laterals in Proto-Semitic.Steiner, Richard C
2020The challenges and blessings of the internet: Technology from an historical perspectiveSchacter, Jacob J.
2012Changing attitudes toward apostates in tosafist literature, late twelfth-early thirteenth centuriesKanarfogel, Ephraim; Carlebach, Elisheva; Schacter, Jacob J.; 0000-0002-7539-7802
2018-04-05The chaplain and the survivorsSchacter, Jacob J.
2003CharityKanarfogel, Ephraim; Roth, Norman; 0000-0002-7539-7802
1975-07Christian heresy and Jewish polemic in the twelfth and thirteenth centuriesBerger, David
1992Christians, gentiles, and the Talmud: A Fourteenth-Century Jewish response to the attack on Rabbinic JudaismBerger, David; Lewis, Bernard; Niewöhner, Friedrich
1992A Colloquialism in Jer. 5:13 from the Ancestor of Mishnaic HebrewSteiner, Richard
2018Commemorating the Holocaust: A historical and halakhic reviewSchacter, Jacob J.; Herring, Basil
2003The commentary of Rabbi David Kimhi on Proverbs: A case of mistaken attribution.Grunhaus, Naomi
2011A Common Set of Trial Terms.Holtz, Shalom E
2010A comparative note on the demand for witnesses in Isaiah 43:9Holtz, Shalom E.; 0000-0003-1515-4216
1989Compensation for the study of Torah in medieval rabbinic thoughtKanarfogel, Ephraim; 0000-0002-7539-7802
2019Compromise and Inclusivity in Establishing Minhag and Halakha: Contextualizing the Approach of R. Meir of RothenburgKanarfogel, Ephraim; 0000-0002-7539-7802