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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Variation, Simplifying Assumptions and the History of Spirantization in Aramaic and HebrewSteiner, Richard
2008Varieties of belief in medieval Ashkenaz: The case of anthropomorphism.Kanarfogel, Ephraim; Frank, Daniel; Goldish, Matt
2010Ve-af al pi she-hazal qiblu: peshat and halakhah in Radak's exegesis .Grunhaus, Naomi; Kanarfogel, Ephraim; Sokolow, Moshe
2022“The voice of your brothers’ blood is screaming”: Rabbi Herschel Schacter’s letter homeSchacter, Jacob J.
2001Vowel Length in Hebrew: Descriptions and Theories from Jerome to Judah Halevy in the Light of Religious Polemics [Hebrew]Steiner, Richard; Maman, Aharon
2012Vowel syncope and syllable repair processes in Proto-Semitic construct forms: A new reconstruction based on the law of diminishing conditioning.Steiner, Richard C; Hasselbach, Rebecca; Pat-el, Na'ama
1999Was there nothing worth fighting for? A Yorn Kippur sermonSchacter, Jacob J.; Greenberg, Sidney
2021We also need to care for ourselvesSchacter, Jacob J.
2022-02What did it Feel Like to Be a Jew? The Kosher Food Laws and Emotional Norms Among Ancient JewsMermelstein, Ari; 0000-0002-3572-9518
1996-08What do American Jews believe?Berger, David
2005What Do They Study in Your Yeshivah? The Scope of Talmudic Commentary in Europe During the High Middle AgesKanarfogel, Ephraim; Mintz, Sharon Liberman; Goldstein, Gabriel M.; 0000-0002-7539-7802
2006“When I Went to Rome… There I Saw the Menorah…” The Jerusalem Temple Implements during the Second Century c.e..Fine, Steven
2015When is a menorah "Jewish"?: On the complexities of a symbol during the age of transitionFine, Steven; Evans, Helen C.
2019When Yosa Meshita Took the Temple Menorah: A Rabbinic Legend.Fine, Steven
1999Where God Dwells: A Child’s History of the Synagogue.Fine, Steven; Fine, Leah Bierman
2016Who is Carrying the Temple Menorah? Jewish Counter-Memory and the Arch of Titus Spolia Panel.Fine, Steven
2012-02-08Whose battle? Whose victory?Holtz, Shalom E
2007Why Bishlam (Ezra 4:7) Cannot Rest "In Peace": On the Aramaic and Hebrew Sound Changes That Conspired to Blot out the Remembrance of Bel-Shalam the Archivist.Steiner, Richard C
-Why did Rabbi Jacob Emden not publish his Megillat Sefer?*Schacter, Jacob J.; Berger, Yitzhak; Milikowsky, Chaim
1993Why the Aramaic Script Was Called ‘Assyrian’ in Hebrew, Greek, and DemoticSteiner, Richard