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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Haazinu: Teshuvah, punishment and the leadership of MosheSchacter, Jacob J.; Feldman, Daniel Z.; Halpern, Stuart W.
2011Haftarah of Tishah Be-Av morning: Themes of destruction and exileSchacter, Jacob J.
2008Halakhah (Medieval Judaism).Kanarfogel, Ephraim; McGinn, Bernard
2003Halakhah and Metziut (Realia) in Medieval Ashkenaz: Surveying the Parameters and Defining the LimitsKanarfogel, Ephraim; 0000-0002-7539-7802
2012Halakhic authority in a world of personal autonomySchacter, Jacob J.; Harris, M. J.; Rynhold, Daniel; Wright, Tamra
2015Hashivotam ha-mishpatit shel ha-milim "ve-hugad le-kha" :Keriyah hadashah be-dev' 17: 2-7.Holtz, Shalom E
1990Haskalah, secular studies and the close of the yeshiva in Volozhin in 1892Schacter, Jacob J.
2019“He Said, He Said”: Repetition of the Quotation Formula in the Joseph Story and Other Biblical Narratives.Steiner, Richard C.
1995-04The Heading of the Book of the Words of Noah on a Fragment of the Genesis Apocryphon: New Light on a 'Lost' WorkSteiner, Richard
-Hebrew and AramaicKoller, Aaron; 0009-0001-4065-6747
1992Hebrew: Ancient HebrewSteiner, Richard
2019-10-18Herod’s Temple: an Ornament to the Empire.Fine, Steven; Schertz, Peter; Fine, Steven
1997Hesed: Divine or human? The syntactic ambiguity of Ruth 2:20.Cohen, Mordechai Z.; Elman, Yaakov; Gurock, Jeffrey;
1998History and memory of self: The autobiography of Rabbi Jacob EmdenSchacter, Jacob J.
2020The History of the Ancient Hebrew Modal System and Labov’s Rule of Compensatory Structural ChangeSteiner, Richard
2018The History of the Tosafists and their Literary Corpus According to Rav Soloveitchik's Interpretations of the Qinot for Tishah B'avKanarfogel, Ephraim; Kanarfogel, Ephraim; Schwartz, Dov; 0000-0002-7539-7802
2015-03-05Holocaust averted: An alternate history of American Jewry, 1938-1967 [Video]Gurock, Jeffrey
2008Holocaust commemoration and Tish’a be-Av: The debate over “Yom Ha-Sho’a”Schacter, Jacob J.
2015Holocaust memory and Holocaust commemorationSchacter, Jacob J.; Hersh, Aubrey; Shaw, Andrew; Cowan, Naomi
2003-01The Holocaust, the State of Israel, and the Catholic Church: Reflections on Jewish–Catholic relations at the outset of the Twenty-First CenturyBerger, David