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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1982T. M. Johnstone. Harsusi Lexicon and English-Harsusi Word-List. London: OUP, 1977. Reviewed by Richard C. Steiner.Steiner, Richard C
2018Talmudic Studies.Kanarfogel, Ephraim; Chazan, Robert
2012A Talmudist’s Biblical Hermeneutics: A New Understanding of Maimonides’ Principle of Peshat Primacy.Cohen, Mordechai Z.;
2011Tazri’a: Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik on marriage, mizvot and a Jew’s relationship to GodSchacter, Jacob J.; Rothenberg, Naftali
2017Tefillat NacheimSchacter, Jacob J.; Feldman, Daniel Z.; Halpern, Stuart W.
2011Texts and their creators: Charting the innovations of the tosafistsKanarfogel, Ephraim; Elor, Tamar; Etkes, Immanuel; Heyd, Michael; Schwarz, Baruch; 0000-0002-7539-7802
2012Texts, values, and historical change: Reflections on the dynamics of Jewish lawBerger, David; Harris, Michael J.; Rynhold, Daniel; Wright, Tamra
1998-07Textual and Exegetical Notes to Nicholas de Lange, "Greek Jewish Texts from the Cairo Genizah"Steiner, Richard C.
1998-07Textual and Exegetical Notes to Nicholas de Lange, "Greek Jewish Texts from the Cairo Genizah.Steiner, Richard C
2008The thematic unity of Psalm CXLIV in light of Mesopotamian royal ideologyHoltz, Shalom
2000Three Grievous Curses from the Aramaic Inscription from BukānSteiner, Richard
1985Three typological themes in early Jewish messianism: Messiah son of Joseph, rabbinic calculations, and the figure of Armilus.Berger, David
2020Thrones and crowns: On the regalia of the West Semitic Monarchy.Koller, Aaron; Gilboa, Dana Brostowsky; Nael, Liat; 0009-0001-4065-6747
2009Tikkun Olam: Defining the Jewish obligationSchacter, Jacob J.; Medoff, Rafael
2015To be an erev shabbat JewSchacter, Jacob J.; Feldman, Daniel Z.; Halpern, Stuart W.
2001-10"To go and marry any man that you please": A study of the formulaic antecedents of the rabbinic writ of divorce.Holtz, Shalom E
2012Torah and the Messianic Age: The polemical and exegetical history of a rabbinic textBerger, David; Engel, David; Chazan, Robert; Schiffman, Lawrence H.; Wolfson, Elliot R.
2019The Torah Commentary of R. Moses of Coucy. [Hebrew]Kanarfogel, Ephraim; Shinan, Avigdor; Yuval, Jacob
2021The Torah Comments of Yeḥiel of Paris: Mediating between Peshat and DerashKanarfogel, Ephraim; Goodblatt, Chanita; Kreisel, Howard; 0000-0002-7539-7802
2006Torah Study and Truth in Medieval Ashkenazic Rabbinic Literature and ThoughtKanarfogel, Ephraim; 0000-0002-7539-7802