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  • Dating as pandemic restrictions ease 

    Pollack, Daniel; Markowitz, Marisa (NASW, 2021-07)
    During the pandemic, live dating was a chore. Safety restrictions created an undesirable situation where online dating was the only way to meet people. And yet, there was a silver lining: the opportunity for some to ...
  • Suing child protective services when a child starves to death 

    Pollack, Daniel (ALM, 2021-07-22)
    If at some point a lawsuit is brought against the department of human services/CPS in connection with that death, compassionate, yet experienced plaintiff and defense attorneys, familiar with the inner workings of CPS, ...
  • California's homeless population includes people from all walks of life. 

    Pollack, Daniel; Goldberger, Devorah (Jeff Light, 2021-07-21)
    People who are homeless are not monolithic. We should understand the consequences of erasing people’s individuality and focusing strictly on their group affiliation.
  • Defining danger if social workers act as police officers. 

    Pollack, Daniel; Sarteschi, Christine M. (ALM, 2021-07-15)
    How might this apply to social workers who are increasingly being called upon to replace the police? When might social workers have the legal right to refuse to engage in work they believe to be dangerous? What other legal ...
  • Revisions to the Texas Family Code that every attorney should know 

    Pollack, Daniel; Reiter, Elisa
    There are many changes to the Texas Family Code and other laws impacting parents, grandparents, children and families beginning Sept. 1, 2021.
  • Why some children want to stay with their abusive parents. 

    Pollack, Daniel; Radcliffe, Susan (ATM, 2021-07-05)
    Attorneys and other professionals need to know that the reasons children may want to be with an abusive parent may be based on attachment issues, feelings of shame, psychobiology, and a lack of understanding that they are ...
  • Child Protective Services Supervisors are Targets in Child Removal Lawsuits 

    Pollack, Daniel (2021-06-29)
    The Child Protective Services supervisor is the senior partner in the decision to have a child remain or be removed from its home. Because of this status, the supervisor is often a named defendant in these kinds of lawsuits.
  • 'I'm right.' 'No, I'm right.' New techniques for medicating high-conflict disputes 

    Pollack, Daniel; Reiter, Elisa (ALM, 2021-06-22)
    Bill Eddy and his co-author, Michael Lomax, in their new book, "Mediating High Conflict Disputes," remind us that a mediator must be willing to cut off reflections about who pushed whom first, and instead, focus on how to ...
  • Let’s Confront Child Welfare Law Buzzwords 

    Pollack, Daniel; Reiter, Elisa (ALM, 2021-06-18)
    In the world of child welfare law, three of the best-known culprits are “best interest of the child,” “neglect,” and “Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).”
  • Ethical Child Custody Evaluations: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. 

    Pollack, Daniel; Reiter, Elisa (ALM, 2021-06-13)
    In a divorce, there may be a child custody dispute, but whatever objections may arise, hopefully, there should be no question concerning the evaluator’s ethics or objectivity.
  • Does Removing a Child After Substantiating Child Maltreatment Sometimes Make a Bad Situation Even Worse? 

    Pollack, Daniel; Sarteschi, Christine M. (ALM, 2021-06-10)
    To use the vernacular, is CPS sometimes taking children out of the frying pan and consciously placing them into the fire?
  • Life Without Parole for Minors: The Supreme Court and the Statistics. 

    Pollack, Daniel; Sarteschi, Christine (ALM, 2021-04-30)
    The trend has been for the Supreme Court to indicate that children, because of their lack of maturity, should be treated differently from adults. Last week, with the decision in 'Jones v. Mississippi,' that trend paused, ...
  • Will the Real Expert Please Take the Stand? 

    Pollack, Daniel; Reiter, Elisa (ALM, 2021-06-09)
    Experts come in all shapes and sizes. Size is not determined by the number of letters after a potential witness’ name. Try your case with what you have. To preserve error, object.
  • A competency conundrum. 

    Pollack, Daniel; Sarteschi, Christine M. (ALM Media Properties, 2021-05-27)
    Attorneys who interact with mentally ill clients, especially those with serious mental illnesses, are likely to encounter someone with anosognosia. It is important to understand that individuals with this symptom do not ...
  • What constitutes malpractice by a child welfare attorney? 

    Pollack, Daniel; Reiter, Elisa (ALM Media Properties, 2021-05-24)
    The legal landscape and complex challenges facing today’s child welfare attorney are daunting. Simply because children are involved, difficult legal situations demand the guidance of a highly qualified attorney.
  • Texting is taxing on adolescent brains: What can adults do to help? 

    Pollack, Daniel; Markowitz, Marisa (Center for Sustainable Journalism, 2021-05)
    Some studies have found a relationship between excessive texting and negative health outcomes.
  • Where does an “outcry witness” fit in the child abuse arena? 

    Pollack, Daniel; Reiter, Elisa (ALM, 2021-05-14)
    Social workers must have a basic knowledge of how legal proceedings work, especially if they are called to be an outcry witness.
  • Law and severe mental illness in the child-removal decision-making process. 

    Pollack, Daniel; Sarteschi, Christine M. (ALM Media Properties, 2021-05-17)
    When Child Protective Services becomes involved in a case in which either the parent and/or child may have psychiatric issues, how well trained and prepared are they to make informed, reasonable decisions about removal?
  • Is a law enforcement/social worker hybrid model a natural next step? 

    Pollack, Daniel; Sarteschi, Christine M. (ALM, 2021-05-13)
    Would a law enforcement/social worker hybrid model cut down on the number of law enforcement misconduct incidents? Would it curtail the number of lawsuits and associated costs?
  • Why do mandated reporters of child abuse hesitate reporting? 

    Pollack, Daniel; Medved, Michaela A. (ALM Media Properties, 2021-05-11)
    Perhaps one of the major reasons mandated reporters hesitate to report is because they are not confident that CPS workers have adequate assessment and intervention skills. They reflect on countless news headlines indicating ...

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