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    • In peer-on-peer child sexual abuse, states differ on who’s a peer. 

      Pollack, Daniel; Kornblum, Lori S. (GA: Kennesaw State University, 2020-07-29)
      The phrase “peer on peer child sexual abuse” is well known. It implies an exploitative sexual relationship of one minor by another. But who is a “peer”? From the Latin word par the term infers equality. A dictionary ...
    • Out of luck: Need a rural family law attorney? 

      Kornblum, Lori S.; Pollack, Daniel (State Bar of Wisconsin, 2019-09)
      SUMMARY At first glance, it might seem that Wisconsin has an abundance of lawyers. But a closer look shows that while some parts of the state have ample legal services, many locations do not. Wisconsin is one of many ...