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    • Exploring Factors Associated with Alcohol and/or Substance Use During the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

      Krase, Kathryn; MacMillan, Thalia; Corrigan, Matthew J.; Coffey, Kevin; Tronnier, Christine D.; Wang, Donna (Springer Nature, 2021-01-26)
      This study explored the relationship between alcohol and substance use in the general population during the early stages of COVID-19 as related to individual, family, and community stressors. A convenience sample of adults ...
    • Micro, mezzo, and macro factors associated with coping in the early phase of COVID-19. 

      Krase, Kathryn; Wang, Donna; MacMillan, Thalia; Fishman, Alexandra Chana; Witonsky, Yonason Ron; Parris-Stingle, Chantee (London, UK: Routledge ; Taylor & Francis, 2020-12-10)
      Coping and adapting to crisis can be influenced by numerous factors on multiple levels. The experience during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic is no different. This article reports on the results of a cross-sectional, ...