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    • Dating as pandemic restrictions ease 

      Pollack, Daniel; Markowitz, Marisa (NASW, 2021-07)
      During the pandemic, live dating was a chore. Safety restrictions created an undesirable situation where online dating was the only way to meet people. And yet, there was a silver lining: the opportunity for some to ...
    • Is there a shortage of rural social workers? 

      Pollack, Daniel; Markowitz, Marisa (NRHA, 2021-11-15)
      Approximately 47 million adults 18 and older live in rural areas, along with 13.4 million children. A 2019 poll by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that one in every ...
    • Social Work Supervision: An Art as Much as a Science 

      Markowitz, Marisa; Pollack, Daniel (Great Valley Publishing, 2022-09-10)
      The pandemic hit everyone hard, especially health care providers. The great resignation caused employees to reconsider their values and potentially quit unfulfilling jobs. Given this ideological shift, it’s important to ...
    • Social Workers Are Paragons of True Grit 

      Markowitz, Marisa; Pollack, Daniel (Great Valley Publishing Company, 2021-12-07)
      There are scores of frontline social workers whose tenacity will never be appreciated, will not get made into a movie, will never get written up in a progress note. That’s true grit.
    • Texting is taxing on adolescent brains: What can adults do to help? 

      Pollack, Daniel; Markowitz, Marisa (Center for Sustainable Journalism, 2021-05)
      Some studies have found a relationship between excessive texting and negative health outcomes.