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    • Electric Moments of Linear Molecules from Force Microscopy. 

      Rubin, Joseph (NY: Yeshiva College. Yeshiva University., 2019-05)
      We develop a mathematical formalism to determine possible charge distributions based on atomic force microscope measurements at an array of points. In the real world, the inverse problem is ill-posed; different charge ...
    • Force-indentation curves of spheroidal objects. 

      Goykadosh, Benjamin Meir (2020-05)
      Currently, there are many methods to determine the forces and energy necessary to deform cells. These methods, however, are slow and require testing outside of the body. In this paper, we propose a theoretical method to ...
    • Modelling deformations of solenoid generated magnetic field 

      Lipshitz, Akiva (Yeshiva University, 2023)
      The concentric sphere problem admitted for the possibility of finding an effective permeability. We proposed using numerical methods to find the effective permeability of a two sphere system. We found that the permeability ...